Live This Month: September 2014 — an audio guide to upcoming SF concerts Download: Live This Month: September 2014 (Podcast #345) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you dig back-to-basics noise pop -- the kind of indie rock that's propelled by great hooks, not trends and hype -- you're in luck this month. Scottish trio PAWS just released Youth Culture Forever, and the band's tight songs are matched by a live ferocity. Another trio crafting explosive, 90s-influenced rock is Slothrust; the Brooklyn band's Of Course You Do arrived earlier this year. As [...]

Ticket Giveaway: Zammuto at The Independent this Saturday, 11/3/2012!

Perhaps one of the most unique-sounding, genre-defying bands ever was now-defunct New York City duo The Books. Members Nick Zammuto and Paul de Jong constructed obscure sound from homemade samples, instruments, and other unconventional outlets, presenting the finished products in what can only loosely be called songs. Not the most accessible of music, but it's certainly some of the most important. When Zammuto announced this past January that The Books were splitting up to pursue other avenues, he wasted little time in giving fans a taste of his new project, the self-monikered Zammuto. His debut full length was released in [...]

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