Giveaway: You’re Going To Die’s 10-year anniversary with Rainbow Girls + Whiskerman

A couple local favorites are playing the Independent on January 18 and we're pleased to offer you a set of freebies. Special shout-out to those harmonizing hunnies, Rainbow Girls, who are bringing their good vibes, lovely voices, and killer horns and keys. They're sharing the bill with Whiskerman, the Feelings Parade, Chelsea Coleman for You're Going to Die's 10-year anniversary. YG2D has been a fixture on the local music scene for the last 10 years, presenting programs of local performers (and, at their open mics, everyday people) confronting mortality through art. Check out Chelsea Coleman's installment of our 2017 series [...]

Best Of 2018: Ned Buskirk on ‘Love, Loss & Fire’ at the SF Columbarium

When The Bay Bridged approached me to share thoughts on some of my favorite music of 2018, the opportunity to consider the question was a reminder of how lucky I am to produce shows with so many of my favorite musicians in the Bay Area. So this is not only a nod to some of the local musicians I love, a few dear friends, but also a nod to the San Francisco artist community, to good people who produce valuable work. Despite so many challenging changes that confront us in the Bay Area, they’re still here, showing up for one [...]

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You’re Going To Die raises funds for Camp Fire victims next week

In what's becoming a really unfortunate regular occurrence, numerous benefit events are being organized for those affected by this year's wildfires in Northern California. Of particular note is next week's offering from You're Going To Die, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that explores the interesection of art and mortality. At the San Francisco Columbarium on December 12, YG2D will host a benefit concert focused especially on the loss suffered by those affected by the Camp Fire. On the schedule for the evening are You're Going To Die regulars like Scott Ferreter, Morgan Bolender, and Chelsea Coleman, plus the Singer and the [...]

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Music and Mortality: Avi Vinocur, “Blizzard”

When Avi Vinocur's Goodnight, Texas bandmate's father — a New Jerseyan, the kind of character you couldn't write, and, most importantly, one of Avi's closest friends — died, he tried like hell to get to the East Coast for the funeral. His plans were thwarted, however, by one of the worst storms that side of the country has seen in ages. It is what it is. Avi plays Neck of the Woods on Thursday. Goodnight, Texas are debuting their new record, Conductor, at Great American Music Hall on April 12. Cory Branan, Avi Vinocur Neck of the Woods Mach 29, [...]

Music and Mortality: Rachel Lark, “This Year”

A show of hands: How many of you ended up crying/screaming/releasing a tidal wave of emotions the night of November 8, 2016, regardless of who you voted for? Rachel Lark's got a song about that. Like many of us, the 2016 election rocked her world, then forced her to reconsider her time and place on the planet. 'Music and Mortality' is The Bay Bridged's partnership with local arts nonprofit You're Going To Die, an open-mic style performance series that explores life, death, and loss through art. Never been before? You can experience it for yourself at The Lost Church on [...]

Music and Mortality: The Singer and the Songwriter, “Sound and Light”

Remember a few months ago when we made you all cry with videos of local musicians singing songs about death and grieving? We are here with more Music and Mortality, our video project co-presented with local arts nonprofit You're Going To Die. Rachel Garcia and Thu Tran make up San Francisco's the Singer and the Songwriter, and they have one song in particular that stops listeners in their tracks. Take a listen to "Sound and Light," and learn a little more about the story behind it. The Singer and the Songwriter play Bazaar Cafe on March 17. And if you [...]

Papa Bear would like to remind you…you’re going to die.

In our final "Music and Mortality" session of the year, we're sending you off with a song from Papa Bear of Papa Bear and the Easy Love fame. It's a song written with his friend, Lisa Donnelly, and its meaning and significance has changed over time. Watch below for the full story and a performance of the song. For the last few weeks, we've been rolling out our "Music and Mortality" video series, a partnership with arts organization You're Going To Die. Watch our other two entries with Chelsea Coleman and John Elliott. If you or someone you know is [...]

John Elliott would like to remind you…you’re going to die.

Last week, we brought you Chelsea Coleman singing about her missing sister. Today, we have San Francisco songwriter John Elliott singing "Daylight Saving," a ballad about his struggles with depression. This month, we're rolling out entries into our Music and Mortality video series, a partnership with arts organization You're Going To Die. Check out last week's here, and be on the lookout for one more coming up. And don't forget to check out You're Going To Die live and in person at Swedish American Hall on December 15, featuring none other than Elliott himself. If you or someone you know [...]

Chelsea Coleman would like to remind you…you’re going to die.

I'm going to die. You're going to die. Your parents and your siblings and your plants and your pets are all going to die. It can be scary and it can be sad, but it's a fact of life. We love our parents and siblings and plants and pets, but if we outlast them, we're probably gonna miss them, and the idea of leaving the only life we know can be scary as hell. But it's coming for all of us. So why aren't we talking about it? Grief and loss is complex and uncomfortable and, at the very least, [...]

You’re Going to Die presents album release for Deep Pools this Friday

(poster: Becky Redman) This Friday, a very special album release party is happening in San Francisco, but not it's not the normal kind of event you might associate with album release shows. The record is a project masterminded by Scott Ferreter, and the show is presented by local art ensemble series You're Going To Die, which takes a look at the beauty that comes from with grief and loss. You're Going To Die has been operating in and out of San Francisco since 2009 and puts on events driven by a deeper exploration of death and dying. Dubbed a "grief release," [...]

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