Mixtape: Bay Area Artists, Remixing and Remixed (Podcast #304)

Mixtape: Bay Area Artists, Remixing and Remixed (Podcast #304) All too frequently, remixes are just okay, but when they are great, they're really something special. A truly great remix can shed new light on the original artist's work and stand on its own as a unique creation. That's no easy feat, either, given the tension between staying true to an original song's components and a reworker's desire to create something new and personal. These days, it feels far too easy to get remix fatigue. Reworkings seem to pop up almost immediately after original songs are released, and they can come [...]

Mister Lies and XXYYXX to play for free in Berkeley on 4/12/13

Fans of downbeat, synth-heavy artists and free shows, rejoice! Mister Lies and XXYYXX will be playing for free at UC Berkeley this Friday. Chicago's Mister Lies (aka Nick Zanca) is currently on tour promoting his latest release, Mowgli, while Florida's XXYYXX is promoting his self-titled album. Both bands will be playing outdoors in the courtyard area of Berkeley's campus known as Upper Sproul. This should be an interesting experience to listen to introverted, sleepy synth beats in such an open and airy environment. Superb Productions has been stepping their game up this spring by booking bigger names to play on [...]

Review & Photos: XXYYXX, Teebs, Nanosaur, & DJ Dials @ DNA Lounge, 2/28/13 (Noise Pop 2013)

XXYYXX (Photo: Tim Draut) The faint smell of reefer already began to permeate the DNA Lounge as local beatmaker Nanosaur took the stage at 10pm, opening an event featuring Teebs and headliner XXYYXX as part of Thursday night's all electronic lineup during Noise Pop Fest 2013. Teen Daze was originally scheduled to support XXYYXX with a DJ set, but the Canadian dance musician unfortunately had trouble sorting out visa issues in time. Teebs filled in for Jamison with a set of original beats, and DJ Dials MC'd the event, spinning tracks between sets. Nanosaur was deep into his [...]

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XXYYXX, Teen Daze joining forces at DNA Lounge, 2/28/13

Get ready for a night of funky dance grooves from two stellar electronic musicians. XXYYXX and Teen Daze will be at DNA Lounge on Thursday, February 28th as part of the pair's Winter Tour 2013. Noise Pop and DJ Dials will present the show, which features a live performance from XXYYXX and a DJ set from Teen Daze, who hail from Orlando and Vancouver, respectively. XXYYXX is the stage name of 17-year-old producer Marcel Everett. Everett launched the project in June 2011, before releasing his eponymous debut last year. His bass-heavy, sample-based brand of bedroom pop is emotional and vivid, [...]

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