Fuzz playing Rickshaw Stop tonight, 4/24/13

Photo: Denee Patrecek Fuzz – the nacent trio featuring Ty Segall (drums, vocals) and his former Epsilons bandmates Charles Mootheart (guitar) and Roland Cosio (bass) – is playing yet another Bay Area gig tonight, as they continue to gain momentum just a few short months after their first release, January's “This Time I Got a Reason” b/w “Fuzz’s Fourth Dream” 7-inch. This time, these purveyors of sludgy, fuzzed out psychedelic blues metal are coming to Rickshaw Stop, supported by Wooden Indian Burial Ground, The Spyrals, and Mane. Last week, Segall and company put out a second 7-inch, "Sleigh Ride" b/w [...]

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