Copyslut and Wizard Apprentice support at Bottom of the Hill

Chicago-based punks Blacker Face are bringing their noisy afropunk style to Bottom of the Hill this Tuesday, November 12. Supporting them at this show are two excellent queer artists coming out of Oakland — Wizard Apprentice, a self-described digital folk artist characterized by their gentle synths and minimalist production, and Copyslut, the edge-walking cabaret rock band who are hot off the release of the music video for "Makers Mark." Copyslut infuses all their music with a confidence that is infectious, keeping a certain level of camp and levity regardless of the emotional weight packed into their lyrics. They empower their [...]

Wizard Apprentice drops “Betrayal Internalized” video, announces album

Wizard Apprentice is a genre-bending artist, writing personal electronic music that still keeps the audience at an arm’s length. Tieraney Carter, the woman behind the project, self-describes her music as “digital folk,” which does an excellent job conveying the dichotomy of intimacy and sterility in here music. Her new music video for “Betrayal Internalized” also walks this line. The viewer is relegated to a voyeur, someone whose gaze is unwanted yet inescapable. For the majority of the video, we’re watching Carter as if she doesn’t know she’s being watched. She carries out mundane activities in her room and, for the [...]

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Mixtape: The Bay Area’s Inventive Experimental Musicians

Download: Mixtape: The Bay Area's Inventive Experimental Musicians (Podcast #432) This episode first ran on A wide range of experimental musicians are pushing Bay Area music in inventive directions, deploying sound artistry to craft exciting new electronic, rock, punk and hip hop compositions. This mixtape features ten local experimental artists, ranging from the loud, abrasive guitar contortions of Cube, to warmer ambient sounds from Cruel Diagonals and Gonzalez & Reinhardt. The last of those acts is a new collaboration between two longtime musicians, manifesting drones via synthesizers and the tambura, an Uzbek string instrument. Unsurprisingly, there are a number [...]

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