Premiere: Ben Pearce brings ‘Modern Non-Electronic Dance Music’ on “Say Hello”

San Francisco's Ben Pearce was happily playing guitar in Windham Flat, when lead singer Aaron Araki let the band he was moving to LA. "Playing with those guys was my life blood at the time," explains Pearce. "And the only way I could stand to lose it was to create something new." The result was a 6-song solo EP, and today, we're extremely pleased to present to you the first track, the incredibly danceable and fun "Say Hello". You can tell from the start that he's going to be just fine with his new direction. Listen and download right here: [...]


If you've spent any time at Mission staples like Zeitgeist or El Rio, you've probably come across Virginia Ramos and her cart of homemade tamales. Affectionately known as The Tamale Lady, she has been satisfying late-night cravings and offering her tell-it-like-it-is advice for the better portion of the last two decades, but due to city regulations, was forced to shut down her vagabond operation back in June. A bonafide San Francisco institution, Virginia saw immediate support from the community, the city's residents and her customers whom she refers to as "My People." With an extraordinary amount of help from District [...]

Video: Windham Flat – "Night and the City"

SF garage rockers Windham Flat have released a new live video performing "Night and the City" in a basement. The video is the first installment in the 'Basement Sessions' series of filmed four-track recording takes. As for the song, "Night and the City" is a bright, ripping ode to San Francisco that devolves into lead singer Aaron Araki screaming the line "I watched the city grow at night." Punctuated by high-pitched woo!s, I'm not sure how this song could sound any more like San Francisco in 2012.

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