Willow Steps releases debut EP, ‘The Secret You Can’t Bear to Keep’

Willow Steps is a look into that which is romantic and beautiful about the "steps" we encounter in life. A concoction of Jesse Strickman (vocals, guitar) and Leiya Mahoney (vocals), the band is the bare-bones sound of guitar, vocals and some lucid instrumentation -- a step away from heavy production and a step toward the vulnerability of relying on lyrics and simple melodies. The Secret You Can't Bear To Keep is an audio novella documenting Strickman's relationship with one of his closest friends. A story of time, love, and heartbreak. "Parting Pangaea," the first track on the EP, is a follow-up to a [...]

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Get to Know: Willow Steps

  "Don't wanna spend a lifetime singing about a girl who got away / I'd rather live a life singing to the girl who came to stay," Willow Steps cheerfully proclaims on their aptly-titled debut single "Simple Song About A Girl". It's a wistful little folk tune delightfully free from the cynical irony that has become the albatross hanging around my generation's tattooed neck, and the sheer joy expressed by the duo comprised of Jesse Strickman and Leiya Mahoney is hard to come by without sounding corny or insincere in the process. Their pretty, understated harmonies can convince even the [...]

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