King Krule appears on Willis Earl Beal's "Church of Nobody"

Willis Earl Beal's "Church of Nobody" web series just posted its second video, featuring the elusive, dark, and jazzy King Krule, who recently dropped his debut album 6 Feet Beneath the Moon and plays a two-night stand at The Independent on December 16 and 17. Each piece in Beal's eight video series will feature a musician (the first featured Beal himself) and will focus on a particular quality from his "Principles of a Protagonist" video. The principles are: Sincerity: Never say or do anything contrary to your overall intentions. (Willis Earl Beal) Restraint: Be Moderate. Never fully indulge. Detach yourself [...]

Editors' Picks: What We've Been Listening to This Week (Willis Earl Beal, The Wrens, Terry Malts, Blood Sister)

Willis Earl Beal Jason: After hearing what Willis Earl Beal's voice was capable of in a handful of early videos when he was still something of an enigma a couple years ago, I was sorely disappointed when I heard his seriously lo-fi debut LP Acousmatic Sorcery, which was recorded on a karaoke machine and didn't draw out the best in this unique performer. That disappointment turned to excitement when I heard that this Chicago native anti-folk musician was releasing his sophomore album this month on XL Recordings. That new record, entitled Nobody knows., finally does Beal's talent justice, [...]

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