Review & Photos: Wild Flag at GAMH, 11/4/11

Photos by: Anna Gazdowicz So-called "supergroups" either come and go (remember Temple of the Dog?), or form lasting impressions on the face of rock history, like Crosby, Stills and Nash (and sometimes Young), Cream, Journey, the Foo Fighters, and so on. Will Wild Flag -- comprised of Mary Timony, Carrie Brownstein, Janet Weiss, and Rebecca Cole -- go down as a just a flash in the pan for these seasoned indie songstresses, fueled by dueling egos? Or will they continue to make powerful records like this year's self-titled debut? Fingers crossed for the latter. The well-hyped fab four came to [...]

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Wild Flag plays two nights at Great American Music Hall

I had assumed these shows were way sold out, but it appears that there are still tickets to Wild Flag's two-night bender at the Great American Music Hall tonight and Saturday (8pm, $17). Falling in the middle of a fall tour, both of Wild Flag's SF nights include Drew Grow and the Pastors' Wives (Portland). Since Wild Flag completely blew us away this year at SxSW, The Bay Bridged be covering this show as well. Stay tuned for photos and a review on the website next week. To those on the fence about buying tickets, you'll be convinced after watching [...]

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Live This Month: November 2011 – an audio guide through SF concerts this month (Podcast #260)

Live This Month: November 2011 (Podcast #260) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. The November concert schedule offers a chance to check out the artists behind some big recent releases, as bands like M83, Wild Flag, and Real Estate arrive in support of well-received new albums. Locally, a diverse assortment of acts are launching new releases of their own, including the classic-leaning rock and roll of Zodiac Death Valley, The Northern Key's singer-songwriter pop, and the raucous art-rock of Wet Illustrated. [...]

Recommended, 10/31-11/6: Wild Flag, Zodiac Death Valley, Sic Alps, Youth Lagoon

Every Monday, we'll be offering you early picks for some of the week's best concerts. Do you think we omitted something worthwhile? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to visit our Local Concert Calendar for an expanded set of daily listings. Sic Alps headlines all-local show at The Verdi Club Sic Alps is back from Europe with two new 7"s on Drag City. The band kicks of a three-show mini-tour on November 4th (9pm, $8) at The Verdi Club with Lilac, Sourpatch and Meridians. Sic Alps - Battery Townsley by user690248 Lilac - "So Young" Wild Flag returns [...]

Preview the debut Wild Flag album, get excited, then see them at GAMH in November

Maybe you've been a Sleater-Kinney fan since Sleater-Kinney and Call the Doctor. Or maybe you discovered the band just in time for them to break your heart with The Woods - an amazing album that was both a beginning (their first album on Sub Pop) and an end (their last album before announcing "indefinite hiatus" in 2006). Either way, every day without Sleater-Kinney has been a day of mourning. For any of us in this boat, Wild Flag has stepped in to help fill the void. They should not be considered a replacement for Sleater-Kinney just because the bands happen [...]

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Taking stock of South by Southwest 2011: Highlights, photos, and an attempt to make sense of things

When, last Saturday afternoon, Wild Flag's Carrie Brownstein remarked mid-set, "This is our seventh of eight shows at South by Southwest," it was difficult not to hear some sense of relief in her voice. There is an inherently numbing effect to the South by Southwest experience; at some point, I think, both the body and mind, additionally encumbered by the baggage of Tex-Mex and beer, begin to reject new musical experiences. This year's South by was, we have been told, the biggest festival yet. For those of us rooted in indie culture, however, bigger doesn't always mean better, and there [...]

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