Noise Pop 2015: Check out all of our festival coverage!

Jessica Pratt at The Chapel (Photo Credit: Jon Ching)   Got any plans for the weekend? If you're like us, you're still recovering from the week that was Noise Pop 2015, and you're not quite ready to wrap your brain another show-filled weekend. Well, if you'd rather stay in this weekend, wear your pajamas around the clock (don't forget Daylight Savings Time starts Saturday night), drink some herbal tea, and go on a Netflix binge, we don't blame you. But, at the very least, you can relive some of the best moments from Noise Pop with this wrap-up of all [...]

Noise Pop 2015: Benders Happy Hour with Wild Eyes, War Cloud, The Traveling Ills

Wild Eyes Noise Pop Happy Hour 2: The Re-Drinkening. With an aching liver and a head still thumping from the previous night's show, I braced myself for another evening of heavy rock n' roll courtesy of Bender's. Looking at the packed bar I could see this crowd was a much different breed: Studded jackets, neck tattoos, Death and Electric Wizard patches, caveman facial hair, pierced noses, lips and eyes. Things were gonna get loud. Earplugs are for the weak. War Cloud kicked things off with colossal riffs that would make Jimmy Page smile and drum fills that would make Keith [...]

Today: the 8th Annual Big Time Freedom Fest at El Rio!

Happy 4th of July! We hope you can join us today at El Rio for the 8th Annual Big Time Freedom Fest, starting at 3:00pm! Below are the set times for the bands playing at today's party (note: Upside Down will not be able to play as originally planned): Couches - 4:00pm Bobb Saggeth - 5:15pm Wild Eyes - 6:15pm Golden Void - 7:15pm Rocky's Frybread will be on board serving food, and the music will end at 8:30pm, so there will be plenty of time to go see fireworks after a fantastic day of music and drinking on El [...]

Wild Eyes – "Amnesia"

Wild Eyes' debut full-length LP is coming soon on Who Can You Trust? Records, and the hard rocking band features members of Dzjenghis Khan, Parchman Farm, and Saviours. Catch them at El Rio on July 4th as part of the Bay Bridged-presented Big Time Freedom Fest, where the band will be joined by Golden Void, Bobb Saggeth, Couches, and Upside Drown.

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The Bay Bridged Presents: The 8th Annual El Rio Big Time Freedom Fest on July 4th

Whether your idea of a quality Independence Day is running amok with sparklers and M-80s around the Mission, or watching the bigtime show from Bernal Hill -- you can do all of these things and still make it over to El Rio for our 8th annual party, Big Time Freedom Fest. Five bands will provide musical entertainment starting at 3:30pm, and Rocky's Frybread will be served all day. Music ends promptly at 8:30, which is just in time for the darkness to kick in and the skies to light up. The Freedom Fest lineup for this year includes one of [...]

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