Wilco needed a shot in the arm Tuesday night at their Fillmore residency opener

Wilco (photo: Patric Carver) “You still love rock and roll?” That’s the central question at the heart of “Misunderstood,” Wilco’s emphatically dismissive opener to 1996’s roots-rock classic Being There. If that query seemed premature when the band asked it on their second studio album, it’s perhaps long overdue now that they'rep set to release their tenth, the impeccably titled Schmilco, this Friday. But of course you love rock and roll! That’s why you're reading about the first performance of Wilco’s five-date residency at The Fillmore last night. Yet if you were actually there, it’s also why you might have hesitated for [...]

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Your guide to Wilco’s 5 nights at The Fillmore

Ahead of Wilco's first widespread tour of South America in October, the indie rock favorites from Chicago will hold an incredible five nights at The Fillmore, beginning tonight, Tuesday the 6th. If you still haven't figured out what day of the week next week will be the day you see the post-Americana indie rock group, then fear not. We've pored over each of the five unique artists slated to support each night. Hopefully, with a little bit of background information, you'll be able to decide whether you need to hit one night or every night! Wilco+ Joan Shelley: Tuesday the [...]

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