Noted: The Wrong Words, WHY?, My Second Surprise, Foolproof Four and more

The Wrong Words recently performed a live set on WFMU, which you can download for free. Well, shit. WHY? and Serengeti just cancelled their tour. Have you listened to the latter's Family & Friends yet? It's really strong. Not new but still reliably great: Hemlock booker Tony Bedard's journey through the world of horrible press releases as @Folder_Rock is full of humor, sadness, and sadness-derived humor. Local folk-rock band Foolproof Four are releasing their debut LP, Apples of Our Allegiance, Saturday night at Amnesia. The night before, they'll be serving on the music side of the music and comedy showcase [...]

Video: Why? fall tour teaser includes song leak; band plays seated show at Great American 10/5

The thought of a tour documentary from Why? would naturally involve everything strange and slightly uncomfortable, as seen in this teaser directed by Scott Fredette and Ben Nicholson. Yoni Wolf is rocking a new hairdo these days, and is heading out on the road with Serengeti starting mid-September. At the end of the teaser, you hear a little bit of the new track "Distance," which will be on the next Why? LP out on Anticon sometime next year. According to PR, this Why? tour is going to be a little bit different than past tours. The full band (including brother [...]

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Mixtape: The Ones That Got Away (Podcast #255)

This episode is sponsored by BottleRockIt. Mixtape: The Ones That Got Away (Podcast #255) Our recent Regional Bias fundraiser concert featured the final local performance by Royal Baths before the band relocates to the East Coast, a fact that got us thinking about the many active artists who have left the Bay Area for other pastures in recent years. As an organization founded to champion local music, we focus on bands while they live here, but there's always a lingering feeling that great bands that depart are "the ones that got away." This podcast is a mix featuring thirteen bands [...]

Yoni Wolf (WHY?) solo tour hits Swedish American Hall in April

Yoni Wolf (of WHY?) - "Shoot the Singer (1 Sick Verse)" (Pavement Cover) Yoni Wolf (of WHY?) - "Brook & Waxing" For WHY?'s last two records, 2009's Eskimo Snow and 2008's Alopecia, the band drew from sessions recorded in February 2007. Four years later, what's next for the group? That's a question that might be at least partially answered on Yoni Wolf's upcoming solo tour, which heads to the Swedish American Hall on April 23rd (8pm, $15, All Ages). Wolf's expected to preview new material and play some covers, in addition to sampling from the WHY? back catalog. After the [...]

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Wednesday, 6/2: WHY? returns to the Bay Area WHY? returns to the Bay Area this Wednesday, June 2nd (8pm, $16, 18+, purchase tickets), at The New Parish in Oakland. Joining the band are The Donkeys and WHY? bandmember/Yoni's brother Josiah Wolf, whose debut solo album, Jet Lag, came out earlier this year. Josiah Wolf - "Ohioho" Also, Yoni's Pavement cover from our New, Improved, LIVE session, which remains a favorite track around these parts: Yoni Wolf (of WHY?) – "Shoot the Singer (1 Sick Verse)"

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Media Monday: new Rogue Wave, The Dodos on Letterman, locals on Daytrotter

Last week, Stereogum posted a new one from Rogue Wave's upcoming album Permalight (above album artwork via Spinner). "Good Morning" is more electronically-oriented than the band's past releases, but there's a familiar infectiousness at work: Rogue Wave - "Good Morning" The Dodos played Letterman on Friday. Dave's introduction is priceless ("Their album is entitled Time to Die. Well, Happy New Year!"), after which the band launches into "Fables": Finally, a couple of exciting guests on Daytrotter recently. Yoni Wolf (WHY?) did a session a few days back, featuring three songs from the still-fresh Eskimo Snow and Bob Dylan's [...]

Thirty-Two Great San Francisco Bay Area Albums from 2009 (Part 2)

Here's the second part of our retrospective on great Bay Area albums from 2009. Read Part 1 of this collection here. Download all 32 songs featured in these two articles here (Part 1) and here (Part 2). Sonny and the Sunsets - Tomorrow is Alright Sonny and the Sunsets - "Too Young To Burn" Grand Lake - Nevermint Grand Lake - "She's a Hater" Vetiver - Tight Knit Vetiver - "Everyday" Cryptacize - Mythomania Cryptacize - "Tail & Mane" Odawas - The Blue Depths Odawas - "Harmless Lover's Discourse" Still [...]

Weekend Picks: 10/15-19

Friday: Bowery Boy Blue, Tether Horse, Lesser Lights @ House of Shields (9pm, $5) Bowery Boy Blue - "Now We Will Be Brothers" Saturday: WHY?, Au, Mt. Eerie, Serengeti & Polyphonic @ Great American Music Hall (9pm, $16) WHY? - "The Blackest Purse Sunday: Joseph Childress, Honeycomb, Jacsha vs. Jascha, Jeremy Dalmas @ Makeout Room (8pm, $7) Honeycomb - "Cough Syrup" Monday: Beach House, Papercuts @ Bottom of the Hill (9pm, $14) Papercuts - "You Can Have What You Want"

WHY? (Podcast #185)

[podcast][/podcast] This week's podcast spotlights WHY?, whose new album Eskimo Snow is out now on Anticon Records. The album is WHY?'s third full length as a band, and it comes bearing the high expectations that follow 2005's Elephant Eyelash and 2008's Alopecia, releases that meshed catchy folk-rock with the rhythms and pastiche-friendly aesthetic of hip hop. Eskimo Snow was actually recorded at the same time as Alopecia, but it became quickly apparent to the band that certain songs would only fit on one album or the other. While the new work carries many of the WHY? hallmarks, layered melodic rock [...]

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