Ticket Giveaway Wednesday: Weekend, The Knitters, This Charming Band, The Ferocious Few, S. Carey, Rival Schools

To enter any contest submit an email to contest[at]thebaybridged.com with your full name in the body and the concert you’re entering the contest for in the subject line. You may only submit your name once to only one contest. Winners for each show will be decided using the guidelines listed below. Thursday, May 19th Weekend, Clipd Beaks, Jealousy @ The Independent To win a pair of tickets to the show be the THIRD person to enter! The show starts at 8pm, $12, 21+. Purchase advance tickets here. The Knitters featuring John Doe, Exene Cervenka, Dave Alvin, DJ Bonebrake, & Jonny [...]

Recommended, 5/16-22: City Center, Weekend, SS10, King Lollipop

Every Monday, we'll be offering you early picks for some of the week's best concerts. Do you think we omitted something worthwhile? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to visit our Local Concert Calendar for an expanded set of daily listings. Fred Thomas' City Center/Swimsuit tour arrives at Milk I'm a big Fred Thomas (Saturday Looks Good to Me, Mighty Clouds) enthusiast, and Thomas' latest project, City Center, continues his long-term winning streak, with an expansive experimental indie rock that's both jammy and full of hooks. City Center is touring with Thomas' lo-fi pop band, Swimsuit. The bands [...]

Weekend – “End Times” single with b-side remix by Speculator

Weekend - End Times by Slumberland Records Weekend will release another single off their phenomenal debut LP Sports -- the "End Times" 7-inch will be out on Slumberland May 17, just a few days before they headline the Independent. The track features background vocals from Stefanie Hodapp of Young Prisms. The single's b-side is a remix by their close friend and LA performer Speculator, his deconstruction of the earlier Sports single "Coma Summer." Nick Ray strips off the vocals, giving the song that "are we underwater?" filtration that suggests Weekend could very well apply just about any kind of noise [...]

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Grem (Weekend’s Shaun Durkan) covers Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game”

Where do guys in busy touring bands find the time to also have side projects? In any event, Weekend's Shaun Durkan has been recording noisy, droney works as Grem, and has a handful of tracks up on Bandcamp at present. One of those songs is the above reinterpretation of "Wicked Game," originally done by SF indie rock icon/thespian (ahem) Chris Isaak. I'll now wait patiently for a video of Durkan and a model hanging out on the beach. For reference, the original is below, as is the complete collection of Grem songs on Bandcamp.

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Weekend this weekend, then to Europe with Wire + Yours Truly video with Young Prisms

Yourstru.ly presents: Young Prisms x Weekend from Yours Truly on Vimeo. Weekend - Monday Morning/Monongah, WV (Water Borders remix) by Water Borders After having as good a 2010 as any band could want, Weekend are back for a local show this Saturday night, before heading to Europe to tour with post-punk legends Wire. Wire has a new album of its own out right now, Red Barked Tree. Joint dates after the jump. Wire - "Two Minutes" Saturday night at the Hemlock (9:30pm, $10), Weekend will be joined by Terry Malts and Wax Idols. Additionally, Yours Truly just released their most [...]

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Best of 2010: Peter Arko on Weekend

Weekend - "Coma Summer" Weekend was one of the top local bands on my radar this year. I went to several of their shows and watched them evolve as a band and refine their sound. It all boiled down to hearing their debut album, Sports, which dropped late in the year on Slumberland Records. Within days of its release I sat down to my first listen. The moment I started the opening song, "Coma Summer," any nervous anticipation I had for this record was pushed out the door by heavy distorted guitars and fuzzy, howling vocals. My takeaway from interactions [...]

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Best of 2010: Robert Khoury on Weekend

Weekend - "All-American" San Francisco music is finally back in the limelight. Bands like The Fresh & Onlys, Ty Segall, Royal Baths and Tamaryn have all released incredibly strong albums this year. But if I had to pick just one great record, I would have to give the honor to Weekend’s debut album, Sports. I first saw this band back in early January and became instantly hooked on their noisy post-punk sound. The young shoegazers are arguably one of the best live performers in San Francisco, and their energy transcribes perfectly into Sports. The album opens with "Coma Summer" and [...]

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Best of 2010: Kevin Meenan on Weekend

Photo by: Nicole Browner Weekend - "Youth Haunts" If 2009 is remembered as the year that put our budding garage rock scene on the map, 2010 will go down as the year our city proved we were no one trick musical pony. From the coldwave stylings of Tamaryn to the kraut-infused sound of The Soft Moon to the perennial chill of Blackbird Blackbird, critics across the tubes and beyond endlessly gushed over our city's wide and varied musical landscape. For me, no local band was more deserving of this new found attention than post-punk shoegazers Weekend. Since the first time [...]

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The guys of Weekend talk Sports, punk, and shoegaze (Podcast #237)

Weekend (Podcast #237) Our latest podcast showcases music from and conversation with Weekend, a San Francisco trio whose first full length, Sports, is out now on Slumberland Records. Although its members have known each other for much longer, Weekend formed in 2009 and quickly gained a lot of buzz for the group's intense live shows and a two song 10" on Mexican Summer. "All-American" and "Youth Haunts" offered an early indication of the push-and-pull that continues to inform the band's uncompromising sound, as melodic gloomy rock and abrasive riffs collide, unleashing an energy betraying the band members' punk and hardcore [...]

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Video: Weekend turns suburban water black

Weekend's video for "Monday Morning" / "Monongah, WV," two songs from their upcoming Slumberland debut Sports, premiered on Pitchfork this week, taking what we know to be joyful summer affairs in suburban America, and tinting them black. Like many Weekend compositions, the double delivery means there is an extensive and noisy procession before hitting full throttle, but, without a doubt, by the video's halfway mark, you'll find the "dark surprise." It was directed by the band members, enlists some of their family members as the talent, and was captured in the North Bay. Sports is available for preorder now, with [...]

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