Mixtape: San Francisco Twang — Sampling Local Americana, Country, and Bluegrass Bands

The Brothers Comatose (photo: Zack Sumner) http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/SF_Twang_Mixtape.mp3 Download: Mixtape: San Francisco Twang -- Sampling Americana, Country and Bluegrass Bands (Podcast #384) The San Francisco Bay Area's love for Americana, country and bluegrass music manifests most visibly during the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival, which draws 750,000+ people to Golden Gate Park annually, but there are great twangy sounds coming out of the Bay all year round. Venues like The Plough & Stars, The Lucky Horseshoe, Amnesia, and Armando's in Martinez, as well as Twang Sundays at Thee Parkside, are a fertile incubator for local roots acts. Plenty of them, like The [...]

We Became Owls release ‘there are other animals at the zoo’

Photo: Don Albonico Last month, Oakland Americana outfit We Became Owls released their second EP, there are other animals at the zoo. While their debut self-titled EP was an intimate, acoustic collection of songs from singer/guitarist Andrew Blair, multi-instrumentalist Ross Warner, and cellist Robin Ward there are other animals introduces us to We Became Owls' louder full band sound. Blair tells me this album is "louder" simply because it represnts "what we sound like now". In addition to Blair and Warner, We Became Owls currently includes Kyle Caprista on drums, Doug Keen on bass, and Kelly McFarling (an exceptional talent [...]

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We Became Owls, Paige and the Thousand, Kristian Rodriguez @ Awaken Cafe, 3/15/13

Paige & the Thousand Despite seemingly every band on Earth being in Austin this week for SXSW, there are still a lot of great shows here in the Bay Area. Perhaps the best option for those who want an easy-going night of excellent folk and acoustic music is taking place Friday night at Oakland's Awaken Cafe with We Became Owls, Paige and the Thousand, and Kristian Rodriguez. The bluegrass-influenced We Became Owls will be taking a short break from live shows after Friday, as they are composing new music they will perform live for a dance/ballet performance with The Anata [...]

We Became Owls – "Suitcase"

Photo courtesy of Carrie Richards Photography We Became Owls is a new, full-band project from singer/songwriter Andrew Blair and multi-instrumentalist Ross Warner that recently released their debut self-titled EP on Bandcamp. Warner and Blair had been making music together for about 15 years, but Blair says he wanted to make his sound a bit more full than what two people could produce. "In my head the songs always had more than just my voice and an acoustic guitar," explains Blair. "I always felt like I wanted a bass or cello or something stringy like that to add some low color [...]

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