Photos + Review: We Are Scientists at The Chapel

We Are Scientists (photo: Estefany Gonzalez) Hundreds of We Are Scientists fans gathered at The Chapel in San Francisco July 12 for catchy indie rock tunes, laughs, and the angsty swagger the band is known for. The band not only delivered a killer show — but also a wedding. The New York-based musicians  kicked off the night with “This Scene Is Dead,” a song off the band's first studio album With Love And Squalor. From the get-go, the band had the crowd laughing. Bass player Chris Cain joked about slipping party favors into the audience's drinks. “We put drugs in all your drinks. Our lawyers [...]

Interview: We Are Scientists return with new album, sci-fi domination plans

While fans of “Steve Wants His Money,” the comedic web series created by and starring We Are Scientists’ Keith Murray and Chris Cain, may be sad that the two have no plans for future episodes, they should take heart. Guitarist Murray and bassist Cain, who share vocal duties, have another dream project lined up, if the opportunity ever presents itself. “It’s a sci-fi program involving us as space missionaries,” said Cain in a recent chat prior to We Are Scientists’ biggest American tour in four years. “Working title is Terraformers. It would be a cheap show shot almost entirely on [...]

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