Wax Idols to give Bay Area first live preview of new album

Wax Idols have a big night ahead on April 14, when they will headline the Great American Music Hall to play their upcoming album from start to finish. The show will be the first chance for listeners to get a full live preview of Happy Ending a month before its release. The Oakland band will be joined by local bands pardoner and HUMID. “It’s a cool way for us to showcase all the work we have been doing the last few years and where we’re at as a group now which we’re really proud of,” said bandleader Hether Fortune. “It’s [...]

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Sea Witch Fest continues tonight with hex filled tunes

Three different nights, three different venues, and three different lineups, but they're all worth it. Sea Witch Productions has been ensuring perfect lineups for a while, and now they're ensuring the perfect festival lineup that continues tonight. Tonight at Brick & Mortar Music Hall they got Wax Idols who are not a band to avoid or pretend you're too cool for. They have not only created music and a presence that is powerful, time defying, and unavoidable, but they also live that way and every bit of news I've ever read about them has only proved that point. Full bill is [...]

Wax Idols poised for a new ‘Happy Ending’

“I just do my damndest,” Hether Fortune tells me over the phone. For Fortune, her “damndest” includes projects in all corners of the music industry; along with her contributions to her band, Wax Idols, Fortune recently produced a record for SACREN and started Etruscan Gold Records. And Fortune’s current work with Wax Idols is not light: the band is set to reissue their third record (“American Tragic”) this week, are in the midst of writing songs for upcoming album Happy Ending, and are embarking on a month-long tour. Happy Ending––for which the first single, “Everybody Gets What They Want”, has [...]

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Let It Bleed to provide menstrual supplies and solidarity this Saturday

All genders bleed, and people of all genders can have periods. Anyone who has ever had them knows that they're an expensive health issue that we did not choose to have. Most states make it more expensive and annoying by adding a sales tax to tampons. California is one of them. That's right — some states tax something that we need to use because most of society is not conditioned to enjoy people bleeding endlessly through their pants for about a week once a month. Honestly, it's a privilege to not only be able to afford menstrual products, but to be able [...]

Review: Welcome to the church of King Woman and Wax Idols

King Woman, Wax Idols, Plush on June 19, 2016 at Starline Social Club. There was not one bit of me that was not excited for this show. I spoke about it as if it was a religious experience, and in the end it felt that way. It was that way. Walking through the empty streets of Oakland because everyone was inside watching the game (sorry for your loss, Oakland) to Starline Social Club was surreal on its own. Peaceful, in the sense that I knew I was safe and that everyone was safe as well. Walking into the space, with [...]

Wax Idols and King Woman return home with Plush on June 19

After a hectic beginning of a tour that quickly ended the Wax Idols and King Woman tour dates with Pentagram, these unstoppable women have only proved their strength. All their fans and friends already knew that they are not the types to allow harassment, but now the whole world knows and hopefully follows in their path. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16fKaITlhHs#t=10 So come to Starline Social Club on June 19 to show support to the super women that reminded all of us that it's okay to leave an unsafe environment. You're not weak for leaving, and instead stronger than many will ever understand. [...]

Wax Idols and HUNNY play Milk Bar this weekend

Oakland-bred Wax Idols are hitting the Haight Street venue with Southern California-based nu-new wave group HUNNY this weekend, and it's bound to be a ball. Wax Idols most recent release — American Tragic — is notoriously that: an album centered around break-ups that also pledges the great nature of independence and rallies in the importance of being united. The group has moved far beyond their debut album Discipline + Desire and into a gloomy, dark, post-punk sounds that is notable. HUNNY, who recently performed as part of Noise Pop 2016 at the Independent, takes elements of The Cure and other nostalgic new wave acts [...]

Flashback: Revisit our East Bay-only mixtape from 2011

Reflecting is always a worthwhile exercise, especially when it comes to music scenes and bands. So join us today and listen to a mixtape from The Bay Bridged that went live four years ago featuring only East Bay acts. The track listing is an awesome mix of still-active and retired groups — all of whom will provide some ear-candy for those of us feeling a little nostalgic today. http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/East_Bay_Only_Mixtape.mp3 Here's the text from the 2011 post: This podcast episode is part mixtape and part mea culpa. Even though our name is The Bay Bridged, we periodically get people calling us [...]

Live This Month: October 2015 — an audio guide to upcoming SF concerts

http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/LTM_October_2015.mp3 Download: Live This Month: October 2015 (Podcast #372) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. Summer may be over, but music festival season hasn't ended yet, with Hardly Strictly Bluegrass this weekend and the Treasure Island Music Festival later this month. We've included a couple of Treasure Island tracks in this mix, but both festivals offer countless potential highlights, including Hardly Strictly's all-star performance of Big Star's Third in its entirety, and the debut of Big Grams (the new project of [...]

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