Check out vverevvolf’s new track “Lemonade,” then see them at GAMH next week

It's Tuesday, you're back to work, you've finally gotten over your post-Super Bowl bloat, and life is boring again. We have vverevvolf here to make your lunch break a little brighter. Bathed in '80s hallmarks but distinctly 2018, "Lemonade" is a bright burst that's right in line with their established neon aesthetic. At times it turns a little bit minor-key, but it remains hopeful — much like this year so far. "Lemonade" would sound really good in an arena. Just sayin'. Until vverevvolf reaches stadium-show fame, come see them at Great American with us next week. It's Valentine's Day, so [...]

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Live This Month: February 2018 — an audio guide to upcoming Bay Area concerts

Download: Live This Month: February 2018 (Podcast #422) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. This month's episode features a whole bunch of artists performing at the 26th annual Noise Pop Festival, which will be taking over local venues from February 19th through the 25th. There are so many great shows happening during Noise Pop 2018 that our picks barely scratch the surface, but enjoy new and recent music from Noise Pop performers Dick Stusso, Cuco, Sudan Archives, and Shamir. There are [...]

Bands In Portrait: vverevvolf

As soon as vverevvolf arrive for our interview, they were brimming with positive energy. Kelsey LeRae and Dylan Gallagher have an aura to them. Whether it was discussing Katy Perry’s fifth album or Mitski’s performance at the Fillmore, the pair are open with their opinions. The more we talk, the more the surface exterior of a band just having fun fades away to reveal two musicians intensely focused on making the best music they possibly can. Their goal: to match the slickly-produced pop music of the top producers in the world. “I am strongly influenced by the pop music that [...]

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Photos: VVEREVVOLF and New Spell at Elbo Room

VVEREVVOLF (photo: Robert Alleyne) Oakland-based band VVEREVVOLF played to a crowd holding lightsabers (it being on May 4th and all) at the Elbo Room last Thursday. Fellow Bay Area band New Spell were the headliners that night and were launching their latest EP, Of Time: Part 1. Openers included one last Bay Area band, Agouti, their first night ever touring as band. Photographer Robert Alleyne has a gallery below of all the bands and the Force-wielding crowd.

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