Everyone Is Dirty – "California" (playing The Night Light)

Remember when we told you about Converse giving away free studio time to emerging Bay Area artists? We're starting to see more and more new music and videos as a result of that project, including "California", the latest track from Oakland's Everyone Is Dirty. So far, I've enjoyed everything to come out of Converse's new takeover of our local scene, and "California" is no exception. (Actually, I take that back – I didn't like the strange rejection email Converse sent me telling me I would not be able to attend one of their great free shows at Slim's.) Luckily, Everyone [...]

Voyaj – "Strontium 91" (playing The Uptown 5/3/13)

Oakland trio Voyaj got their start in 2003 when David Krah and Stephen O'Connell collaborated for the score of a short film. They released a few albums and played a few shows as The Sunward Spike before adding Sean Hagen four years ago. Earlier this year, they renamed themselves and released their self-titled LP as Voyaj. All three members collaborate and play some combination of drums, keys, bass, and guitar at varying points throughout the album, which I would describe as "weird pop" that takes you in several different directions during its nine songs. Voyaj plays a free post-Art Murmur [...]

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