What’s Happening This Weekend? A Guide To Shows Around The Bay, Feb 24 ― Feb 26

Catch Tacocat in Oakland Saturday night at Starline Social Club. Friday, February 24 Garrett Pierce @ The Lost Church Burbank, CA singer-songwriter with a penchant for covering the British R&B singer known as Seal. ALO, Moon Hooch @ The Fillmore Moon Hooch is a Brooklyn-based jazz fusion trio currently touring in support of their third LP, Red Sky. Phosphene, O.C.D., Trash Vampire @ Bender's Bar & Grill Noise Pop's happy hours at Bender's are always chaotically loud, disastrously fun, and soundtracked by emerging local bands. Headliner for tonight's is Phosphene, who describe themselves as the "under-underground" of the Bay Area [...]

This Could Be Forever: Reality from the eyes of Vince Staples

Being informed doesn’t absolve you from misconduct. Vince Staples understands this better than most, and is an eye-rolling observer to fans who claim to “get it” while still acting in complete negligence. He’s grown tired of playing shows where “all these white folks chanting when I asked ‘em where my ni**as at?” — when he knows most wouldn’t dare venture through his hometown. Staples is heralded as presenting with piercing honesty the elements of his Long Beach upbringing, zeroing in on racial tensions and fragmented communities — yet many listeners seem to represent the rapper without acknowledging the history behind [...]

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