Bender's to host a special 4/20 KUSF-in-Exile benefit

The next monthly benefit for KUSF-In-Exile hosted by Bender's Bar and Grill falls on 4/20, so there are plans to make this one extra special. I don't think that means they'll be passing out the sticky-icky at the door, but it does mean there are plans for it to be a "blowout" that will allegedly "BLOW YOUR MIND!!!" (Yes, I believe those are weed puns. And yes, all three exclamation points are from the original — they mean that shit.) Check out this video from headliners Uzi Rash. Looks like someone got into the 4/20 supplies a little early... SF's [...]

Uzi Rash drop new LP, 'Whyte Rash Time,' release show March 31 at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records

Prolific Easy Bay trash punk group Uzi Rash's newest album, Whyte Rash Time, is now available, and the band is celebrating on March 31 at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records. D.C.'s very own Chain and the Gang and SF's Grass Widow will be joining Uzi Rash in the festivities. According to the band, Uzi Rash has even more on the horizon: "APRIL 7+8 we go into the studio (living room) to record CORELESS ROLL CAN-LINER, our next hit LP." Stream two of the band's Whyte Rash Time songs below: Full tour dates: March 22- 1234go! records with GGREEN, [...]

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Screeching into 2012: Drugs and Jello

I appreciated Todd's recent post: Happy Memories of 2011. He was spot on about Deerhoof. Though I hadn't seen them in years, I caught their show at SFMOMA and it was crazy good. And like Todd, I'm sick of the top ten. Fuck the top ten. This year pissed me off more than most and that deserves some recognition. My aunt is dying. We assumed she would live to a 100 like her father, but NO - some untreatable cancer has to come along and fuck that up. Our family is also dealing with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's and multiple friends [...]

Recommended, 12/12-12/18: Yip Deceiver/Shock, Uzi Rash, Baths/Raleigh Moncrief, Marissa Nadler

Every Monday, we'll be offering you early picks for some of the week's best concerts. Do you think we omitted something worthwhile? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to visit our Local Concert Calendar for an expanded set of daily listings. Yip Deceiver, Shock, Loose Shus, Tres Lingerie at Milk Thursday, December 15th (8pm, $6), Epicsauce, Aerobic International, and Voltaire Records host a gathering at Milk headlined by electro-pop band Yip Deceiver, a group led by Of Montreal members Davey Pierce and Nicolas Dobbratz (also one of the creators of the terrific Sugar & Gold). Speaking of bands [...]

Halloween Weekend Show Roundup: Ty Segall/Nobunny, The Hot Toddies, The Soft Moon and more

As we noted on Monday, this week is jam-packed with shows, and a number of special concerts are happening over the upcoming Halloween weekend. Here's a brief rundown of some of what's going down in SF music around All Hallows' Eve. Nobunny, Ty Segall and more to cover New York Dolls, Gories, and more Not only are the four local bands playing at the Brick and Mortar Music Hall on Friday night (9pm, $10) rad on their own -- seriously, Nobunny, Ty Segall, Apache, and Uzi Rash all under the same roof? -- they'll all be performing as excellent [...]

Shannon and the Clams play CCR at the Lobot Gallery with Uzi Rash as the Undertones, Younger Lovers as the Go-Go’s and Primary Colors as Siouxsie and the Banshees 10/13/11

Shannon and the Clams as CCR - Is that John Fogerty? Blurry but beautiful times at Oakland's Lobot Gallery last Thursday. This was a Halloween party of sorts with lots of spooky costumes. All bands were Oakland-based and played in a giant mouth. $2 Tecates at the bar. One crazy kat was doing cartwheels. Doin' the pogo I somehow wound up with someone's pocketknife in my pocket! Uzi Rash as Undertones Primary Colors started off the night with a fierce exploration of all things Siouxsie and the Banshees. Younger Lovers came on next and offered a mercifully short set of [...]

Review & Photos: Mama Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, with Uzi Rash, Dikes of Holland and Battle Stations, 9/22/11

Dikes of Holland Hatz off to Oakland's Mama Buzz cafe. For tonite she brought the goodz. Fuck 1st Fridays, here's to 4th Thursdays. 3 great bands, Lagunitas IPA, and a killer patio. Music 4 or 5 nights a week, and a hella-fine looking menu! Battle Stations Battle Stations opened. They hail from Seattle and might just be Washington's answer to Uzi Rash (and I mean that in the best of ways). They tell me they closed the set with "I put a spell on you" but I'm not so sure... I felt a little Joy Division in the air, but [...]

Review & Photos: Oh, to Live on Sugar Mountain

I finally made it to Oakland's Sugar Mountain last Thursday (8/4/11). It's just next door to my favorite freak scene, The Ghost Town Gallery. Fittingly, Uzi Rash broke my sugary mountain cherry. Always pushing the envelope, they opened with a Descendents cover, plowed through a short but screamy set and ended with the drummer upside down, feet in the air, drums scattered everywhere. 75 cent Olympias from the finicky but awesome, Midas-man vending machine kept us happily hydrated while some guy teased us with 2 hot dogs frying in a pan on the stove nearby. A new album should be [...]

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Uzi Rash and The Babies at the Ghost Town Gallery, Saturday January 8th 2011

I missed local locos Uzi Rash when they performed as the Monks for Halloween at thee Parkside. I would not make that mistake again. I arrived to the Ghost Town Gallery mid-set and the energy was intense. One member was standing atop his amp with the only light in the room shining out from behind him. These guys have been making drug-tainted, psychedelic grooves since 2007 at least. Their debut record High and Phree was released in 2009 on Brooklyn's Freedom School Records. They write songs like "I'm a Trashbag" with barely decipherable lyrics over vertigo-inducing riffs that at times [...]

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