The Bay Abridged: Oct 28 — Nov 3

In this recurring feature known as The Bay Abridged, our staff writers will provide short, witty recaps on shows they attended around the Bay Area. A scene check, a heat check, and sometimes more — stop by every Wednesday for the most comprehensive and concise recap of last week's Bay Area concert scene. Until the Ribbon Breaks at Brick and Mortar (SF) Oct. 28 UK-based Until the Ribbon Breaks are the kind of band that sound exactly like 2015’s most popular bands. Perfect vocals, tight drums, and an bed of dancing electronic synths that are both mysterious and comforting. The [...]

In on the secret: England’s Until the Ribbon Breaks play Brick and Mortar this Wednesday

There are many albums you fall in love with that you completely expected to. You know the artist, you know the sound, and you know yourself, so you go in anticipating coming out blown away on the other side. These experiences are wonderful, yet routine — the type of regularities that make people follow music in the first place. Then there are albums you had no idea what to expect going in, or didn’t even plan to get inside in the first place. Your ears picked up the right chords at the right time and you suddenly found yourself in [...]

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