Support the oldest theater in San Francisco October 19

The Balboa Theatre is the oldest running movie theater in San Francisco: it was built in 1926, and has stayed in that location for 91 years. The interior did get a little damaged by a fire in 1978, but its character was rebuilt and now the Balboa Theatre is more than just a place to watch films. It's a time machine, a memory stood still, part of what makes San Francisco so idealistically pure. But with time, people get distracted — this year especially has been full of them. These distractions take a toll on the community. Local non-profits get [...]

Mixtape: Fourteen San Francisco Bay Area Artists to Watch in 2017 Download: Mixtape: Fourteen San Francisco Bay Area Artists to Watch in 2017 (Podcast #400) This episode first aired on Our first mixtape of 2017 is our annual survey of some of the best new and emerging San Francisco Bay Area performers to watch over the coming year. The fourteen up-and-coming local acts showcased in this mix come from a wide variety of genres, and whether it's the experimental hip hop of Siri, Marbled Eye's urgent post-punk, or the heavy psych of Feral Ohms, to highlight just a few, there's a wealth of talent on display here. As in [...]

KDVS presents: ORMF XVI Festival in Davis

There aren't many festivals where you can see 18 great bands and artists for only 17 dollars, but there is KDVS's Operation Restore Maximum Freedom Festival or to be short and real: ORMF XVI Festival. Not only does its name have two meanings — one pertaining to the freeform format of the station, and one stating that they are mostly funded by the listeners and community — this festival is for the people who may live a little to out of the way to get to the house show in Oakland or SF on a Wednesday night. This is for the [...]

UNITY announce summer release of debut LP

(Unity LP variant by Jeff Cheung) With demos sneaking online as far back as November 2013, Unity began as a songwriting outlet for Oakland-based artist and musician Jeff Cheung, known around the Bay for his sparse line drawings and paintings depicting male intimacy. Superficially, Unity sounds similar to Jeff's other project, Meat Market, a garage rock foursome relocated from Santa Cruz, but the arrangements are simpler, and the sound more introspective. Filled out on drums by Gabe Ramirez, the group performed as a two-piece for several months before being joined by a second guitar player and eventually another two members from Meat [...]

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