Behind the Music: How local musicians are paying the bills (part five)

The road may be narrow, but with purpose-driven passion, discomfort in mediocrity, and honing in on what makes you you, it is possible to discover. The road I speak of, of course, is the widely missed, yet highly sought alternative path that leads to deep-found satisfaction in both work and play. Not fame, not the Benjamins (though those may be a natural byproduct), but contentment. I am convinced, after speaking to these musicians, that one truly can simultaneously love one's work and craft. And further, they can live in symbiosis, fueling and inspiring the other. As I continue my quest to find [...]

The Bay Bridged Presents: Luke Sweeney at El Rio this Saturday

Another Saturday night is quickly approaching — where will you be? Celebrating the seventh night of Hanukkah? Spending an evening bundled under the covers because you're too cold to move? If you're still in need of some plans, we at the Bay Bridged have got you covered again. We're presenting Luke Sweeney and a couple other great local bands this Saturday at El Rio, and you're invited! Local rock 'n' roll favorite Luke Sweeney has spent the majority of late 2015 touring up and down the coast and, more recently, all around the Bay. Fittingly, he's closing out the year with his [...]

Mixtape: San Francisco Songs for Summer Download: Mixtape: San Francisco Summer Songs (Podcast #365) Even though San Francisco's summers get an unfairly bad rap, that doesn't prevent us locals from enjoying many of the best parts of the season. Days at the beach, barbecues, road trips, street fairs and festivals: sure, you might need to carry a light sweater on some of your summer excursions, but the long days can't be beat for outdoor fun. With the solstice kicking off summer earlier this week, we've compiled this mixtape of songs for the season, collecting new and recent releases by San Francisco Bay Area bands that [...]

Counter Culture & Pow Magazine showcase at the Rickshaw tonight

Counter Culture and Pow Magazine have a pretty solid lineup in store tonight at the Rickshaw - that is, if you’re a fan of slightly sloppy pop/punk/rock. And really, who isn't? How can you resist the lo-fi melodies of the Dazeys or the transcendent guitar reverb permeating the 60s-tinged sound of Union Pacific? And then you've got headliners The She's with their tight harmonies and punchy beats, echoes of Sleater-Kinney lurking in the background. Check out the excellent "My Secret to Keep" for a taste of what to expect. [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=929914517 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small] [bandcamp width=100% [...]

Party with Prom Body and Union Pacific

Days after hitting the road, Tuscon's Prom Body is headed for the West Coast with its brand new LP, Naughty By Natural, in tow. A blend of gritty and sweet textures, the band's music floats in a familiar realm between surf pop and garage rock, never quite reaching the velocity of punk or the saccharine sounds of lo-fi pop. On "My Paradise," the lead single off of the new record, Prom Body finds that satisfying balance -- sharp lead guitar and fun drum fills that cut through fuzzy, almost hushed vocals and some uplifting oh-oh sing-a-long moments -- and the perfect summer song is born. The band is headlining Brick & [...]

Halcyonaire and Union Pacific head to Thee Parkside

Oakland's Halcyonaire is headlining Thee Parkside tomorrow, June 14, marking their first Bay Area show since they kicked off their  Southwest tour in April. While on the road, the band made pitstops in the desert landscapes between San Diego and Phoenix to collected field recordings that they've since taken into their Fruitvale studio. Chris Damien, Geoff Saba and company have been busy turning those sound bites into new songs, and while they've yet to release any material since the three-song vignette Urban Arson --which we premiered on the Bay Bridged a couple of months back -- you can watch the five-piece outfit unfold their [...]

The Spyrals and Union Pacific take the Knockout

After heading south to play this weekend's LA Psych Fest, where they'll be topping a stacked lineup at the Bootleg Theater with the likes of Rose Windows, Kikagaku Moyo and Jeffertitti's Nile, The Spyrals will be bringing their tripped-out tunes to The Knockout on Tuesday, May 13. Joining the band will be San Francisco's own Union Pacific, who are still riding high on the Lolipop train since the March release of their debut EP, as well as Portland's shoegazing outfit Is/Is. Featuring three trios, each with a distinct sonic aesthetic--the sand surf of Union Pacific, the liquid psych of Is/Is and The Spyrals's signature rock and roll--the show is certain to be a guitar-driven evening [...]

Please welcome Union Pacific

Channeling desert vibrations into a surf pop sound, Union Pacific is the project of singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Zach Vito. A Tucson native and one of San Francisco's newest songsmiths, he relocated to the Bay Area late last year, building a sonic bridge between his homes in Arizona and California that mirrors the dual qualities in his music--sparse, straightforward moments (See: intros to "Learn Love" and "Standing Over") melt into warm, sun-soaked tunes packed with open-heart lyrics, sing-a-long harmonies and dreamy guitar tone that flirts with, though never gets lost in, psychedelia and lo-fi garage rock. The resulting style is a [...]

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