Ty Segall and his “Muggers” coming to play two shows at The Fillmore

These are difficult times to think of any musician not born David Robert Jones. The legacy of Davie Bowie is so vast and so influential, that any thoughts of other artists inevitably flow back to the iconic musician who passed away on January 10. It’s unfair to burden any artist with comparisons to Bowie. The terms used to describe him reflect that reality — beyond the obvious Ziggy Stardust persona, the reason so many people refer to him as an “alien” is because it’s too difficult to view someone from Earth as capable of creating the music and art he [...]

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Ty Segall already released a new EP, and his Great American Music Hall shows sold out

Hey, remember that dude Ty Segall? It's been almost five whole months since he put out a record, so you might have forgotten all about him. But he's back with the Mr. Face EP, out this week on Famous Class. You can listen to Mr. Face below, but I warn you: You'll be doing it wrong. Mr. Face is a double 7" EP pressed on translucent red and blue-colored vinyl, and you can apparently use the records as a pair of 3D glasses. Mr. Face by Ty Segall Just to make sure his former hometown really doesn't forget him, Segall [...]

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Mixtape: Catching Up With Some Former Locals

http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/Former_Locals_Mix.mp3 Download: Mixtape: Catching Up With Some Former Locals (Podcast #348) The news that John Dwyer of San Francisco mainstays Thee Oh Sees was moving to Los Angeles – followed shortly thereafter by a Dwyer-penned press release that called the City a “graveyard” of “tech waste” – caught many of us by surprise, but it probably shouldn’t have. Indie musicians frequently leave their home bases for new environs. Musicians move for a variety of reasons--for a change of pace, to be closer to collaborators, and to find new receptive audiences. Locally, many have been concerned about the high cost of [...]

Stream Ty Segall’s new album, Manipulator

Ty Segall fans, heads up: His new album, Manipulator, is out on August 26th, but you can stream the entire album now! via NPR Music via CBC Music Ty Segall also performed "Feel" on Conan O'Brien last week in support of the new album: One interesting thing to note about this new album: Manipulator will be available to purchase and download via iTunes and Amazon and Drag City, but will NOT be made available via the music streaming platforms to which we've become accustomed (I'm assuming that means no availability on Rdio and Spotify, essentially). According to a press release, [...]

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Ty Segall announces new album ‘Manipulator’

We already know Ty Segall likes to stay busy. The former local has had his hand in more projects than you can count on one hand, but just in case that all isn't enough, he has just announced his new album Manipulator, which will drop August 26 via Drag City. He has yet to release any singles just yet, but the flaxen-haired fuzz freak has at least given us this teaser: http://youtu.be/SPzVmgTaAS0 Unfortunately, he also has yet to give us any Bay Area show dates (though he does have a four night residency at the Echo in Los Angeles), but knowing Ty, he'll [...]

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FUZZ and CCR Headcleaner release new split seven-inch

In the newest edition of Famous Class Records’ “Less Artists More Condos”  7” split series, the label brings #10 with San Francisco groups FUZZ (which includes former Bay Area garage rocker Ty Segall) and CCR Headcleaner, the psych sludge band that is currently tearing up the scene. In an unorthodox move, FUZZ covers The Kinks’ “Till The End Of The Day” in their normal (but abnormal for The Kinks) stoner-garage-rock style. The song takes the same melodic stance as the original version, but combines it with Segall’s screeching, reverbed vocals. They even incorporate an insane guitar solo in the middle [...]

Art & Technology, Part I: The state of the Bay Area from the musician’s perspective

San Francisco (Photo: Samuel Wantman/Wikimedia Commons) The ongoing technology takeover and subsequent affordability crisis in San Francisco has saturated recent conversation here in the Bay Area. As the social, economical, and cultural landscapes continue to shift with no signs of slowing down, the dialogue has become muddled with brash accusations and blind finger pointing, and the fighting has gotten ugly on both sides. I spoke with 16 Bay Area artists - Pat McDonald, Pat Thomas, and Alex Fleshman of Cool Ghouls; Mark Tester of Burnt Ones; Matthew Melton of Warm Soda, Jeff Lewis and Elliott Kiger of The Spyrals; [...]

Video: Ty Segall – "The Man Man"

Photo: Denee Petracek Fuzzmaster Ty Segall has released a new video for "The Man Man", with, of all places, Fangoria. It makes more sense when you watch it. A blurry, flickering callout to B-movies of old, the "The Man Man" video sees Ty himself being stalked by a car full of creepy creatures. The video is the first from August’s Sleeper, out now on Drag City. Watch the video below. Ty Segall will be embarking on a few European tour dates at the end of the month. Check out the schedule on his website.

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Review & Photos: Ty Segall, Mike Donovan, Jessica Pratt @ Great American Music Hall, 9/2/13

Photos by Emily Turner Ty Segall returned to San Francisco with his new Sleeper Band for a special acoustic performance at the Great American Music Hall last night. Mike Donovan, Jessica Pratt, and David Novick supported the show. Jessica Pratt took the stage around 9pm, battling the buzzing crowd with a quiet, acoustic solo set. The singer-songwriter announced that this would be her last show in San Francisco as a San Francisco resident, and politely asked the noisy crowd in the back of the venue to keep it down. Early on, there seemed to be a rift between [...]

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