Mixtape: Bay Area Artists, Remixing and Remixed (Podcast #304)

Mixtape: Bay Area Artists, Remixing and Remixed (Podcast #304) All too frequently, remixes are just okay, but when they are great, they're really something special. A truly great remix can shed new light on the original artist's work and stand on its own as a unique creation. That's no easy feat, either, given the tension between staying true to an original song's components and a reworker's desire to create something new and personal. These days, it feels far too easy to get remix fatigue. Reworkings seem to pop up almost immediately after original songs are released, and they can come [...]

Four local release shows this weekend: Philistines/MINOT, Tussle, Glitter Wizard, Trails and Ways

If you're not sure what to do this weekend, consider four options featuring local bands celebrating new releases: Tonight is Y La Bamba's second night at Amnesia, and they'll be supported by Trails and Ways, who have a new 7" single via Turntable Kitchen. The B-side is this cover of Miguel's "Sure Thing." Over at the Hemlock Tavern on Friday night, heavy rockers Glitter Wizard will be partying for the release of their latest album, Hunting Gatherers, on Captcha Records. Stream the whole new album below. Hunting Gatherers by Glitter Wizard One night later -- that's Saturday -- at the [...]

Stream Tussle's new album, 'Tempest'

Who'd have thought that, through one simple tweet, The New Yorker would tip us off to a Bay Area band's new album stream? That's exactly what happened last week when said tweet linked us to a very positive blurb on Tussle's new LP Tempest, composed by the publication's chief musical voice, Sasha Frere-Jones. Have a listen below. As we'd written about before, the DJ Twitch-produced Tempest was officially released on September 25th by Smalltown Supersound, and the band had already shared tracks "Yume No Muri" and "Eye Contact." Needless to say, we're excited to see the San Francisco quartet get [...]

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Tussle's "Yume No Mori" gets remixed by Einstuerzende Neubauten's Alexander Hacke

Back in July we shared the news that local groove machine Tussle would be releasing their fourth studio album, Tempest, on September 25th, 2012 via Smalltown Supersound. Produced and recorded in Glasgow, the album's international footprints continue, as Alexander Hacke - one-fifth of German experiemtal/industrial pioneering outfit Einstuerzende Neubauten - has remixed a track of Tempest titled "Yume No Mori." While we've yet to hear the original, this spooky version possesses a fun combination of groovy metallic beats alongside echoing, hard-hitting snares. According to Tempest's track list, "Yume No Mori" bats lead-off, so it will be interesting to hear the [...]

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Tussle to release new LP 'Tempest' on 9/25/2012, stream new track "Eye Context" now

On September 25th San Francisco dance-groovers Tussle will release their fourth studio album, Tempest. It's the band's first effort since 2008's Cream Cuts and was recorded in Glasgow and produced by DJ Twitch, one half of the legendary Scottish DJ duo Optimo. Huge fans of the Scottsman's music, Tussle reached out to Twitch wondering if he was actively looking for new projects and, upon getting the "yes" they hoped for, shot across the pond to record. Our first glimpse into what went down is the track "Eye Context", which you can hear below. Clocking in at six and a half [...]

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No Voices: A Collection of Bay Area Instrumental Rock (Podcast #283)

No Voices: A Collection of Bay Area Instrumental Rock (Podcast #283) Instrumental songs sometimes get unfairly pegged as background music, but the best ones are exactly the opposite -- captivating and hypnotic without a voice or voices dominating the work. The Bay Area is home to a number of artists who create alluring instrumentals, from the drones of Barn Owl and Date Palms to the post-rock compositions of The Drift and Silian Rail and the electronic works of Yalls, Tycho and Devonwho. Artists like Judgement Day and Al Lover & The Haters show that you don't need vocals to establish [...]

Tussle and Publicist (Trans Am’s Sebastian Thomson) release ‘Split Infinitive’ EP

Tussle and Publicist (Trans Am drummer Sebastian Thomson) have a new Split Infinitive EP on SF's Voltaire Records. The EP includes one original song and a remix from each act, and you can listen to the whole thing below. Split Infinitive by Voltaire Records The EP is currently available on iTunes. Tussle and Publicist will be performing at Amnesia with Loose Shus on Saturday, September 17th (9pm, $5).

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Tussle, Javelin, Bronze – Rickshaw Stop 5/6

Photos by: Charlie Homo So, I get it - indie rock/electro duos and trios are multiplying like rabbits dosed up on viagra right now. Sleigh Bells, Matt and Kim, The Bird and the Bee, LA Riots . . . the list goes on. With such a densely populated field you run the gamut from 'total shit' to 'holy shit!'  If you wanted to judge two such groups for yourself, the Rickshaw Stop last Thursday was the place to be. My last visit to Rickshaw was about year ago for the Bay Bridged birthday bash, which was one hell of a [...]

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Clouds Carved The Mountains: new limited edition local comp

This is why it pays to read the Aquarius Records newsletter. Check out the details on this extremely limited local compilation: V/A - Clouds Carved The Mountains (self released) 2 x cd-r 17.98 Better act fast on this one, super limited, as in ONLY SEVENTY COPIES, and it's a pretty killer sampling of some of the best SF bands around, all exclusive tracks, from a bunch of our favorites, and a whole bunch of bands we'd never heard of before. Barn Owl, Lucky Dragons, Tussle, Pale Hoarse, Ascended Master, Snowblink, Drumz and so many more. Two discs, nearly 2 hours, [...]

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