Take a break, watch Try the Pie’s new video for “Thomas”

Recently released through Spark Mag, the video for "Thomas" off Try The Pie's Domestication doesn't not shy away from San Jose native Bean Kaloni Tupou's way to take something personal, yet make it hit strangers with that internal retrospection. A song written for their brother, it's a song about how family and different personal relationships change. It's another beautiful song accompanied by the beautiful simplicity of the video by another Bay local, Anders Ericsson. Take a break (I know we all need one):  Watch the video, follow Try the Pie's career, download all their albums, and catch them whenever they play. When [...]

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What’s Happening This Weekend? A Guide To Shows Around The Bay, Dec 9 – Dec 11

Seek cathartic communion at Deep Pools' album release show at Noe Valley Ministry Friday Night. Friday, December 9 Sløtface, Quaaludes, Try The Pie @ Rickshaw Stop - Ghost Ship Benefit Show Sløtface had to change their original band name of Slutface due to social media censorship. All three bands at Rickshaw tonight will be out to, as our writer Tim Draut has so aptly put it, "smash the patriarchy." Hot Flash Heat Wave, The Tambo Rays, The Easies @ Amnesia - Ghost Ship Benefit Show Brother-sister duo The Tambo Rays are back after the sister portion of the group, Sara DaMert, took [...]

Giveaway: P.S. Eliot reunite for a series of concerts, one being at SF’s very own Rickshaw Stop

My love for the Crutchfield sisters knows no boundaries, because their music breaks them all. They've got the bedroom pop, emo, indie folk, and even feminist DIY punk stained into their skin and to the skins of their listeners. P.S. Eliot was their first band to break the boundaries in their world, my world, and in all of those that follow their career with arms wide opened. So of course I screamed with joy when it popped up on my Facebook feed that P.S. Eliot is coming back. They're playing a limited amount of reunion shows and one of them is [...]

Review: PWR BTTM leave the negativity at the door

With all the hype I gave this show and PWR BTTM, with the amount of words that wouldn't stop spewing out of my mouth and fingers awaiting it to be January 25th, it turns out I was not wrong at all. I think I actually hyped up this show less than I should have, but no amount of words could give it justice. Even if you were horribly depressed or just terribly anxious before you entered into Rickshaw Stop, the moment you walked, in you were welcomed and at ease. I rushed straight to the bathroom (which were all transformed into [...]

Q&A: Try The Pie opens their doors to all that need a home

Photo by Walter Wlodarczyk Out of all the Bay Area music projects I've found out about in 2015, South Bay's Try The Pie has to be one of the most meaningful to me. Bean Tupou's way of connecting their personal emotions and stories through music successfully allows anyone to listen and feel welcomed, but especially queer femme POC. Bean gives us all a home to rest, but opens this home with wide doors to all who feel homeless and underrepresented in indie music and society. Bean is not new to the indie music or DIY scene. They have been involved in [...]

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Mixtape: Top Notch San Francisco Bay Area Indie Pop

http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/Indie_Pop_2015_Mixtape.mp3 Download: Mixtape: Top Notch San Francisco Bay Area Indie Pop (Podcast #375) Indie pop music -- a wide-ranging label used to describe everything from jangling rock-pop to dreamy synth-pop -- has been one of the Bay Area's successful musical exports in recent years. Groups like Geographer and Painted Palms are just some of the latest in a long line of acclaimed local indie pop bands to break out nationally, joining Rogue Wave, The Dodos, Papercuts, Film School, The Aislers Set and many, many more. Lest one be concerned for the future of local indie pop, this mixtape shows that [...]

Try the Pie announces ‘Rest,’ a compilation of early recordings

Bean Tupou of Try the Pie (photo: Rocky Nguyen) South Bay-based musician Bean Tupou of Try the Pie is involved in a variety of projects in support of the DIY community, from the San Jose collective Think and Die Thinking to the twee-punk act Sourpatch among others. Using music and art as a platform for socially conscious messages and queer-positive politics, Tupou skillfully offers a hand at helping to create spaces that are inclusive for the underrepresented—-coming from a queer Tongan background themself. Try the Pie's first full-length, Domestication, was released earlier this year; its follow-up is Rest, [...]

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Try the Pie releases “Domestication”

Try the Pie is the creative brain baby of San Jose’s Bean Kaloni Tupou. Having been involved in an array of local Bay Area projects, including Crabapple and Sourpatch, Tupou has finally moved on to release her own solo effort with the release of her first LP, “Domestication.” Try the Pie’s previous releases include a handful of singles that are intimate, touching, and earnest in their home recordings. They transport you into the room with Tupou, and in a way, feel as if you’ve been allowed to listen in on some of Tupou’s most inner secrets. In the same vein [...]

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