Noise Pop 2020: Resavoir livens SFJAZZ’s Joe Henderson Lab

(photo: Tim Nagle) Following the release of last fall's self-titled Resavoir, the Chicago-based band started the first night of their tour at SFJAZZ’s Joe Henderson Lab on February 29 as part of the Noise Pop 2020 lineup. The band, led by trumpet player Will Miller (Whitney), is a tight-knit group of musicians whose stage chemistry makes their funky '60s jazz-inspired compositions all the more engaging. Miller introduces the band and tells us they’ve been playing to gather for years. “This guy right here?” Miller says, pointing to percussionist Peter Manheim. “He’s been my day one homie. We did some breathing [...]

Whitney sweetly kills at Old Redwood Barn in Sonoma County

“Who’s into Halloween?” asks Julien Ehrlich as he sits with painted face at his drum kit looking out into the crowd on Halloween night. The audience cheers and he says, “We’re like, eh on it.” The rest of his Chicago-based band Whitney laughs with him and they bust into their next song. I couldn’t tell you what it was because I was so mesmerized by the warm stage chemistry and sweet energy, the casual confidence with which Ehrlich joked then sang then joked again. A couple songs in he stopped and put his hand to his chest and said, “You know, our [...]

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