Non-Market collective releases debut compilation

"Non Market", a collective of East Bay friendbands that currently includes Trails and Ways, Astronauts etc., Waterstrider, Bells Atlas, The Seshen, (and perhaps a few more related acts), has released their debut compilation. The five track EP is all covers, partially because of the background of many of the bands' members. "A lot of us come from/get inspiration from the jazz tradition, where you play standards all the time," explains Keith Brower Brown of Trails and Ways, "and these tracks are some of the standards of right now." The EP kicks off with the best falsetto in town, Anthony Ferraro [...]

Win tickets to see Stars, Trails and Ways at Slim's!

Bay Area chamber pop band (and video game producer) Trails and Ways is currently touring with Stars, and the two bands are playing two days of shows in SF: tonight at the Great American Music Hall and Wednesday night at Slim's. We're giving away a pair of tickets to Wednesday's show! To enter this contest, email with "Trails and Ways giveaway" in the subject line and your full name and email address in the body of the email. A winner will be selected at random and notified via email. Trilingual by Trails and Ways Stars, Trails and Ways Great [...]

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Create your own Trails and Ways mix with their "Como Te Vas" game

I'm a big fan of musicians going beyond making music and into new territory such as visual art or technology. Well, Oakland's Trails and Ways has now combined their music with both and made a little game out of it, too. In their recently released "Como Te Vas" game, you can create your own mix of their track by the same name, turning each of the six tracks on or off, and adding various effects, such as "Brazilian Forest" or "Giant Cave". As you change the effects of each track, the groovy 8-bit landscape changes as well. It's an insanely [...]

Live This Fall: a special audio guide through SF Bay Area concerts this fall (Podcast #313) Download: Live This Fall: a special audio guide through SF Bay Area concerts this fall (Podcast #312) This special bonus episode of our podcast surveys some of the many noteworthy concerts taking place in San Francisco this fall. It's produced in conjunction with KQED Arts' upcoming Fall Arts Guide, which will offer a complete preview of upcoming highlights from the Bay Area arts world. In this episode, Ben, Christian, and Jason offer some individual picks for must-see shows in the months ahead, alongside songs from the artists discussed. Along the way, we chat about the undeniable appeal of Thee [...]

Mixtape: Bay Area Artists, Remixing and Remixed (Podcast #304)

Mixtape: Bay Area Artists, Remixing and Remixed (Podcast #304) All too frequently, remixes are just okay, but when they are great, they're really something special. A truly great remix can shed new light on the original artist's work and stand on its own as a unique creation. That's no easy feat, either, given the tension between staying true to an original song's components and a reworker's desire to create something new and personal. These days, it feels far too easy to get remix fatigue. Reworkings seem to pop up almost immediately after original songs are released, and they can come [...]

Review & Photos: Mac DeMarco, Trails and Ways, Cocktails, Calvin Love @ Rickshaw Stop, 4/3/13

The scene at Rickshaw Stop on Wednesday night was much different than on September 14, 2012, the first time Mac DeMarco headlined the venue. Last year's Friday night gathering attracted around one-hundred people, half of which were there to see Stockton's Surf Club. Last night was a whole different story. The crowd steadily filled into the sold out venue starting when Calvin Love took the stage at 8:20, until 11:30 when DeMarco exited. Local bands Cocktails and Trails and Ways filled in the middle sets. DeMarco had noticeably cut his hair and changed his clothes since a delightfully delirious set [...]

Interview: Trails and Ways discuss their history and future, playing The New Parish tomorrow, 2/8/13

Oakland's Trails and Ways started 2013 with a bang: they sold out Cafe Du Nord and released Detornar-Se, a remix album that features reworks from Wallpaper and Yalls, among others. The band gained notoriety early in their existence with some outstanding covers of popular songs, most notably M83's "Midnight City". However, I think their dreamy, gloabally influenced pop originals (such as "Nunca") are where their true strength lies. I caught up with Trails and Ways vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Keith Brower Brown via email to discuss their history, their future, and life as a band in the Bay. Below the interview, [...]

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Best of 2012: Matthew Hickey on TRAILS AND WAYS

2012 has been a pretty fantastic year for Bay Area music. In fact, it's pretty tough for me to zero in on a true favorite. Ty Segall's Twins & Slaughterhouse are both pretty phenomenal. Exray's Trust a Robot is a beloved release in my home. Fresh & Only's Long Slow Dance will also make my top albums list this year. Geographer's Myth is beautifully cinematic. Blackbird Blackbird is back with a great new album. James & Evander's Let's Go single got me grooving. And there have been countless debut singles by new up-and-coming Bay Area bands to be excited about. [...]

Oakland's Trails and Ways kicking off The Bay Brewed 2012

Trails and Ways may have first grabbed attention with interesting and compelling covers of Miike Snow and M83 songs, but, over the past several months, it's been the group's original indie folk-pop songs that have kept our interest. Over the past two years, the Oakland foursome has put out two EPs and a whole bunch of singles, gaining widespread blog buzz for a uniquely Brazilian-influenced sound that impresses with strong four-part harmonies and soaring, anthemic melodies. We expect both to be on display when Trails and Ways kicks off The Bay Brewed 2012 this Saturday, and it's easy to tag [...]

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