Deathstock Fest coming to Guerneville in June

There was Woodstock ’69, Woodstock ’94 and ’99 (yikes), and now, on a completely new note, there’s Deathstock. SF label Death Records is celebrating their one year anniversary how? With a full blown two-day music festival campout in the woods - duh! The lineup is already partially announced, including many Death Records roster artists like Smiles, Air Surgeon, Tiaras, Teenage Chain, The Strange Land, and Cole Lodge, making it a truly local affair. Friends of the label like Tomorrows Tulips, Danny James, CCR Headcleaner, Part/Human, and label head Brian Wakefield’s own band Emotional are the other additions to the bill [...]

The Spyrals, The Cairo Gang, Tomorrows Tulips, The She’s play The Night Light

San Francisco based garage rock band The Spyrals will be playing  February 5 at The Night Light in Oakland with experimental rock group The Cairo Gang, garage get-up Tomorrows Tulips, and surf-poppers group The She's. The Spyrals just went back into the studio this past fall to record the follow up to their June 2013 release Out Of Sight; that album's title track was recently given a shout out from DJ Al Lover, who named it one of his favorite tracks from 2013. The band, which has been playing numerous dates around the area lately, is lo-fi and electrifying. OUT OF SIGHT by The Spyrals Chicago's The Cairo [...]

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