Review & Photos: Trick or Treat with Total Trash, Tav, Tom, Troggs, Tributes and more…

Mongoloid Plunge yer hand into the plastic pumpkin and grab a handful of goodies! Find enclosed two wild weeks of pent up rock n' roll mayhem. Side effects may include: cramping, ringing of the ears, depression and enlightenment. Once upon a time, a young blogger bitched about the serious shortage of tribute bands in the area. In the past 14 days, there were tributes to The Beach Boys (Chuckleberries), Troggs (Trawggs), VU (Factrix), Devo (Mongoloid), Bo Diddley (Nobunny), Weezer (Yogurt Brain), The Go-Gos and Blondie (Monster Women), The Gories, The Germs, The Blues Brothers, Queen, Siouxee & the Banshees, Eno, [...]

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Photos: Tom Waits' first concert appearance in five years

I volunteered to come here; long story. Back in the 1970s I borrowed a lot of money from Neil. For me, it was the days of long hair and short money. He loaned it to me so I could start a restaurant. I lost a lot of money on that restaurant. Let me rephrase that, I lost a lot of Neil's money. And you don't wanna see Neil mad. Anyway, it was a small, little restaurant, sort of a specialized place. We were gonna have eel and donuts and fish scales, just fish scales, sauteed and all gluten free. But [...]

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