Review & Photos: Title Fight’s cult comes to Slim’s

Title Fight (Photo Credit: Nikolas Soelter) Touring in support of their new LP, Hyperview, Pennsylvania's  Title Fight brought their unique brand of culty alt rock to San Francisco on Friday night. By 9:30, the venue was filled out and Texas thrash-metal band Power Trip were halfway through their set. For me, it took seeing this band live to truly appreciate them. Ex-Trash Talk drummer Sam Bosson was filling in on drum duty, and his wild drumming fit in perfectly with the primal howls echoing over the metallic guitars. I've seen a lot of bands playing aggressive music urge the audience to get [...]

Live This Month: March 2015 — an audio guide to upcoming SF concerts Download: Live This Month: March 2015 (Podcast #358) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. Many San Francisco Bay Area bands are heading down to Austin to take part in South by Southwest madness this month. While that may mean that more locals are away, it also means more opportunities to see emerging artists on pre- and post-SXSW tours, including international buzz bands like Madrid's Hinds and London's Happyness. Both of those bands are younger than London-based 2:54, but that group [...]

Title Fight playing Slim’s next month in support of third LP, Hyperview

  On the heels of their third LP, Hyperview, Title Fight announced a national tour that brings them to San Francisco on March 13. Hyperview is another chapter in Title Fights evolving sound, which has seen the band move from pop-punk to ’90s alt rock, and now to shimmering shoegaze and post-punk. The move feels totally natural though, as every album gave dark hints at their genre expanding intentions. The new album sees them shedding most of the gravelly vocals that gave their records such emotional ferocity and instead showcasing beautifully sung melodies over chorused out riffs and pop songs. "Rose of [...]

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