Random, Happy Memories of 2011

Some years are great for shows – like 2008. Some are great years for albums, like 2009. But this was a great year for both, from the start. In the order I remembered them: Family Crest – My Living Room; 9/11 Duh. Can you believe this alterna-dad cream dream supreme? A stalwart and happy-go-lucky nonet of classically trained musicians show up at my house to play their lovely, life-affirming chamber pop on the anniversary of 9/11 and my teenage son sits in on clarinet? You just had to be there. But then we would have run out of pasta much [...]

Tax Day Party tonight at the Hemlock: Blue Rabbit, Chelsea Wolfe & Tippy Canoe

The Deli SF says, "never mind the taxman-let's live it up while there's living to be had!" with a whimsical "Tax Day Party" at The Hemlock tonight: Blue Rabbit, Sacramento's Chelsea Wolfe and Tippy Canoe (Oakland). Blue Rabbit embarks on dark, serene musical journeys thanks to cello, harp and a thick layer of female voices. They reside and play often here in the city, and the feeling is that you'll leave this song on repeat once you've heard it: Blue Rabbit - Sleep Chelsea Wolfe's really stepped it up in the past few years -- a name well known in [...]

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