Cazadero set to release 'Old Friends' LP

Cazadero's criminally under-the-radar Dusk to Dawn was one of my favorite albums of 2012 – from anywhere, not just the Bay Area. The album hit a sweet spot where country, folk, and pop from the 70's meet while still managing to sound fresh and new. Less than a year after Dusk to Dawn was released, they're already back with a follow-up LP, Old Friends. The band shared three tracks from the album on their Bandcamp page, where you can also pre-order a vinyl copy that will ship this summer. It sounds like the album will continue with a similar retro [...]

Mixtape: Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2012 Preview Mix (Podcast #287)

Mixtape: Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2012 Mix (Podcast #287) By its twelfth year, you'd be forgiven for taking the annual occurence of the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival for granted. The passing of founder Warren Hellman in December, however, brought with it a reminder that tens of thousands of people didn't always flock to Golden Gate Park for three free days of music each fall. In fact, when one takes all of those elements -- the large crowds, the no-cost attendance, the numerous off-the-dial performers -- into consideration, the festival's continued vitality seems less inevitable and far more astonishing. True to its [...]

Review: Tiny Television, Chambers at Cafe du Nord 4/24 Chambers opened the night at Cafe du Nord this past Sunday, launching the crowd into deep space with synthesizer and guitar layers that encompassed reverberated, cavernous vocals. Appropriately, singer Gareth Lloyd moonwalked his way through parts of the show. His vocals careened over the shifting rhythms of drumming played by three members of the band throughout the set, adding a great spacious feeling to their sound. It was refreshing to see the confidence of Chambers' female guitarists and bass player as they deftly worked through the rapid transitions of the songs. Sarah Melfy's performance on guitar, drums and keyboard [...]

Noise Pop 2010: Zee Avi, The Hot Toddies, Leslie and the Badgers, Tiny Television @ Rickshaw Stop

Review and Photos by: Nic Buron One of the many strengths of the Noise Pop Festival is its ability to bring together such solid and eclectic bills. Of course tonight’s show was no exception. Show opener Tiny Television is a San Francisco band (by way of Denver, Colorado), that prove difficult to describe. Their sound is so familiar, but feels undeniably new: think hard charging, dark Americana, but with something that you just can’t put your finger on. Tonight they played as a six-piece: two guitars, bass, drums, pedal steel, and a back-up singer flown in from Denver. Striking three-part [...]

Johnny Cash’s ‘Bitter Tears’ book event at Makeout Room

Artwork by Shepard Fairy 45 years ago, Johnny Cash released his most controversial album Bitter Tears, a dive into Native American history inspired by both the possibility of his own Cherokee heritage and his advocacy of Native American rights. On top of its political implication, the album is known to have influenced Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. Tomorrow at the Makeout Room (7pm, $8 presale tickets) will be an evening in celebration of Antonino D’Ambrosio's newest work and the previously untold story, A Heartbeat and a Guitar: Johnny Cash and the Making of Bitter Tears. D'Ambrosio will be reading before [...]

Monthly Mix: August 2009 (Podcast #178)

[podcast][/podcast] Our latest Monthly Mix episode of the weekly podcast includes music from ten great Bay Area bands -- some submissions we've received at TBB headquarters, some stuff we've posted on the web site recently, all really good stuff. Subscribe to the The Bay Bridged weekly podcast to get each new episode downloaded free to your iTunes the moment it's published! About this week's bands: Once episode opener Port O'Brien ("My Will Is Good") returns from Europe, they'll be heading on a national tour to support their upcoming album, Threadbare. The new release is out October 6th on TBD Records. [...]

Josh Ritter, Laura Gibson, Dave Smallen and Tiny Television at GAMH

Words by: Emily Logan Photos by: Adrian Bischoff I've yet to see a bad show at the Great American Music Hall. And last night was no exception. The show that sold out so early in the game was well worth any extra effort to push your way into the crowd or burrow for a ticket on Craigslist. The audience was a bit different than some other Noise Pop events – perhaps slightly older, with more glasses of white wine floating around than plastic cups of beer. First up was Tiny Television. This intimate performance featured just guitar, vocals and slide [...]

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