Noise Pop 2020: Tim Atlas turns insecurities and anxieties into dreamy indie pop

Ever since his elimination from season nine of NBC’s The Voice, Tim Atlas refused to let a short stint on reality TV dictate the rest of his career. He already had the tools: Before the competition, the Oakland-born, Los Angeles-based Atlas was a working and talented multi-instrumentalist that didn’t just sing, he could produce, engineer, and write songs too. Still, he felt the precariousness of the show’s fast fame. “It was all about competing and comparing myself to others,” Atlas says. “And I can feel that pressure in life too. I compared myself to others and their success. But when [...]

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Valentine’s Day 2020: Our favorite love and anti-love songs

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Another day to celebrate your love or perhaps another day to realize you’re single. Despite your relationship status this Valentine’s Day, we can probably all admit that there is a lot of music celebrating the glory and heartbreak of love. To commemorate, we here at the Bay Bridged collected our staff’s favorite love songs, along with their favorite anti-love songs to make sure everyone receives whatever they need this February 14th. Love Songs "Heat of the Moment" by Asia This probably isn't high on a lot of lists about love songs, or lists in general. Sadly, the [...]

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