Ticket Giveaway: Thievery Corporation at the Masonic

For New Year's Eve, you don't just want any old party. You want THE party. Thievery Corporation exists to bring the party. As influential and important players in Washington DC's mid-'90s club scene — a genre that typically harbors the main objective of making people dance — they're practically party experts. Well into their career as beatmakers and genre-fusers, they're now playing the bigger venues that keeping up a fan following for two decades affords them. In San Francisco, this means the Masonic. They'll be playing a New Year's Eve (and New Year's Eve-Eve) set at the stately auditorium on [...]

Thievery Corporation’s Rob Garza pumps the brakes

L-R: Eric Hilton, Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation (photo: Jen Maler) Words by Lily Moayeri Two weeks past the release of Thievery Corporation’s latest full-length, Treasures from the Temple, and the duo’s Rob Garza is still feeling the positive after-effects of his appearance with the classical-electronic-plus-visuals collective, Mercury Soul, at Great Northern. Garza provided the live electronics for the Latin-based program, a job for which he is more than qualified. Garza has spent the last 20-something years moving from point A to point B on nearly-nonstop tour, but these days, you’re more likely to find him in one of a [...]

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