Thick Red Wine releasing Homesick EP, celebrating tomorrow night at Bottom of the Hill

Thick Red Wine – the project of New Jersey transplant Mike Wojciechowski – drops its new Homesick EP next Tuesday, November 11 via Breakup Records, and he's celebrating tomorrow night at Bottom of the Hill with The Wytches and Rich Girls. Homesick, which kicks off with "Marathon" (a track released as a single over the summer), maintains the anti-folk feel lyrically, but takes a decided (and welcome) step instrumentally in the direction of rock. This isn't exactly Bob Dylan going electric at the Newport Folk Festival – hell, Wojciechowski even admits in "Whiskey, Green Tea" that "I'm not Dylan. I'm [...]

Live This Month: November 2014 — an audio guide to upcoming SF concerts Download: Live This Month: November 2014 (Podcast #349) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. It's finally starting to get colder in San Francisco, but there a ton of great shows to force you out of the house and into local music venues this month. We're big indie pop fans around these parts, and Toronto five-piece Alvvays released one of the year's best albums in the genre. The group's self-titled debut LP, out now on Polyvinyl, is jangly, hazy and catchy [...]

Thick Red Wine releases “Marathon”, celebrating at DNA Lounge

Mike Wojciechowski, frontman of SF anti-folk project Thick Red Wine, writes songs that are "really not that desperate." Newly released "Marathon" will be on his forthcoming EP Homesick due for release this fall via Breakup Records, and he would like to celebrate by inviting everyone to the DNA Lounge this Friday. "Marathon" continues Thick Red Wine's distinct brand of hilarious and awkward tell-alls: "Doesn't really matter how many records I sell. / It doesn't really matter because I won't let it. / Why would I want to be some one hit wonder? / I'm happy being underground." You can stream "Marathon" below, and download it for $1 or [...]

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Get to Know: Thick Red Wine

Thick Red Wine – the moniker of San Francisco-via-New Jersey artist Mike Wojciechowski (pronounced Whoa-juhh-house-key) – plays an intense and, well, open and honest brand of anti-folk, folk-punk, or however you want to quantify this unique blend of acoustic guitars and punk spirit. Wojciechowski himself describes his music as "winding and eccentric narratives drawing inspiration from 5th grade recess fights, middle school dance erections, college house party disasters, philosophers and boxed wine, among other things" – surely some intriguing subject matter, no? In early 2013, Wojciechowski released both a single ("Thank You Based God" b/w "Regulate") and a full-length (Never [...]

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