Photos: They Might Be Giants at the Fillmore

They Might Be Giants (photo: Ria Burman) They Might Be Giants brought their way-fun, super-unserious selves to the Fillmore for two consecutive nights over the weekend, selling out Saturday's show. With a career spanning over 35 years, the music veterans have maintained a most excellent mix of rock and roll vibes with quirky-chill demeanor. They Might Be Giants may well be the most fun rock and roll band around! I Like Fun is They Might Be Giants' latest album, which was released this year.

They Might Be Giants might actually be giants

Photo by Shervin Lainez When it comes to sheer productivity, diversity of projects, and embracing innovation, there is no doubt that They Might Be Giants is a giant among bands. John Linnell and John Flansburgh formed as a duo with a drum machine out of Brooklyn in 1982. Since TMBG’s 1986 self-titled debut album, the alt-rock band has written, recorded, and released music nonstop. At one point, the group released three albums over 12 months: the rock album Glean in April 2015, the children's album Why? in November 2015, and the pay-what-you-want album Phone Power in March 2016. It’s just two months [...]

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Ticket Giveaway: They Might Be Giants, Moon Hooch @ The Warfield, 6/14/13

Geek bands get a bad rap, or at the very least a vehement eye-roll, from snooty adults, but c'mon — they deserve some credit. Admit it: how many of you out there entered the wild world of rock 'n' roll after being disarmed by the juvenile humor and/or invitingly catchy pop rhythms of geek-rock legends like Weird Al, Devo and yes, They Might Be Giants? Having recently released Nanobots, their gazillionth studio album, TMBG are back (though they never really went away in the first place). If you'd like to pay some respect to a band that started it all [...]

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