After devastating loss, Them Are Us Too prepare final album ‘Amends’

Photo courtesy of Nick Marshall Over a year has passed since the fire broke out in Oakland's Ghost Ship warehouse that took the lives of so many artists and music fans. One of these artists was Cash Askew, who played with Kennedy Ashlyn in the band Them Are Us Too. The duo first met in 2012 at UC Santa Cruz, and soon learned that they shared tastes in music. Sparing no time in putting out jams, Them Are Us Too soon began playing all over the Bay. Their debut album, Remain was released when both Cash and Kennedy were just [...]

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Mixtape: Remembering the Musicians Lost in the Oakland Fire Download: Mixtape: Remembering the Musicians Lost in the Oakland Fire (Podcast #398) This mixtape first ran on On Friday night, December 2, 2016, a fire erupted at the GhostShip warehouse in Oakland, ultimately claiming the lives of 36 people. The victims included artists in a multitude of disciplines, entrepreneurs, students, and teachers. All of them were passionate about supporting arts and culture. Many of the fire victims were musicians, who, before their passing, had graced the world with recordings. This mixtape features eleven songs from these individuals as a way of remembering their talents, and celebrating their contributions [...]

Photos: Them Are Us Too & Silence in the Snow at Elbo Room

Silence In The Snow (photo: Kristin Cofer) Last night saw Them Are Us Too and Silence In The Snow grace the Elbo Room. Both bands gave a beautiful show as evidenced by our photographer, Kristin Cofer, who has the gallery below to share from the night. She also directed the video "The Problem With Redheads" by Them Are Us Too that you can check out below.

Mixtape: New Music from Santa Cruz’s Best Bands Download: Mixtape: New Music from Santa Cruz's Best Bands (Podcast #367) The Thrills once said, "Santa Cruz, you're not that far" -- a statement far truer for San Franciscans than for a band from Dublin, Ireland -- but the truth is, the Santa Cruz music scene has always felt a little remote, tethered to the Bay Area by that treacherous Highway 17. That feeling of distance isn't for a lack of talent, mind you: from Camper Van Beethoven and Comets on Fire through The Devil Makes Three, Battlehooch, and Mammatus, plenty of great bands have emerged from Santa Cruz [...]

Watch Them Are Us Too’s video for “Eudaemonia”

Them Are Us Too is two people, which probably explains the streamlined aestheticism of the song and the self-directed and edited music video for "Eudaemonia". The song and video seem to be made from the same batch of uneasy ingredients, by two people who have a firm grasp on what they're doing. "Eudaemonia" is the opening track of their latest album Remain, off DAIS Records. The duo live in Santa Cruz, which is interesting mainly because listening to their music, it would be damn hard to tell they live in the beautiful Northern California surf town. Constantly compared to the bands of 4AD in the early ’80s, Them Are Us Too wear [...]

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Noise Pop 2015: The Church play a sold-out show at the Chapel

Steve Kilbey In high school, Bill had a record player that would start over after finishing a side. Ultimately this led to many a night of listening such that the record was still playing in the morning when we woke up. No other record graced that machine with the frequency of 1983's Seance. The Church’s third record was our holy grail, not quite goth, not just rock, and our first peek into the vast awesomeness of the Australian music scene. We followed them pretty religiously through 1988's Starfish, which just celebrated it's 27th anniversary. I am listening to it now, [...]

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