Mixtape: Catching Up With Some Former Locals

http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/Former_Locals_Mix.mp3 Download: Mixtape: Catching Up With Some Former Locals (Podcast #348) The news that John Dwyer of San Francisco mainstays Thee Oh Sees was moving to Los Angeles – followed shortly thereafter by a Dwyer-penned press release that called the City a “graveyard” of “tech waste” – caught many of us by surprise, but it probably shouldn’t have. Indie musicians frequently leave their home bases for new environs. Musicians move for a variety of reasons--for a change of pace, to be closer to collaborators, and to find new receptive audiences. Locally, many have been concerned about the high cost of [...]

Thee Oh Sees release new LP on Record Store Day

Hiatus, shmiatus! Thee Oh Sees are back after all (and rather quickly!) with an unexpected new LP, Drop. Set to release on Record Store Day 2014 (tomorrow!), the album is an energetic dive straight back into the electric pool of psychedelic rock n’ roll that Thee Oh Sees are known for. That’s not to say that Drop is without a little special RSD glitz - the core band is joined by a few rock scene gurus, including Greer McGettrick, Mikal Cronin, Chris Woodhouse and Casafis. Based on the first three released tracks, “Penetrating Eye”, “Drop”, and “The Lens”, this new [...]

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Thee Oh Sees premiere video for ‘The Lens’ off upcoming album ‘Drop’

Day 97: Thee Oh Sees are still not off their indefinite hiatus yet. Though San Francisco's sweethearts may be on a long-deserved break, that doesn't mean they haven't been productive. Case in point: their new video for "The Lens", a single they debuted earlier this month. As the end track of their latest album, Drop on Castle Face Records, hitting stores April 19 (aka Record Store Day), the video takes you on a psychotropic adventure.  Directed by Alex Theodoropulos, it's difficult to make heads or tails of the video - there's an astronaut floating around, some fetuses floating out from what seems to [...]

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Thee Oh Sees release psychedelic second single from upcoming album ‘Drop’

It's been a restless few weeks for John Dwyer. Thee Oh Sees, fronted by San Francisco's lost boy, are releasing a new album April 19 (this Record Store Day), called Drop.  The very much not broken up band already released one single through Pitchfork in February, and this week, they've released the second, called "The Lens". The counterpointed brass-lined track marches into spinning psychedelia, truly looking through the hazy lens it refers to—and is a far cry from the fuzzy, rumbling first single, "Penetrating Eye". Drop will be released on Castle Face next month, and features familiar faces like Mikal Cronin, Greer McGettrick, and Casafis [...]

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Thee Oh Sees' John Dwyer announces new solo project

Album art by Deirdre White John Dwyer may not call San Francisco home anymore (and there may or may not be some drama surrounding his move), but that doesn't mean we can't highlight his latest project - especially since we won't be hearing more from the Thee Oh Sees any time soon. Pitchfork just announced that John Dwyer will release a new solo album, entitled Hubba Bubba, under the moniker Damaged Bug. "Eggs at Night" is the first track from the album, which is slated for release on February 25th via Castle Face (Dywer's label).   Hubba Bubba [...]

Farewell for now to Thee Oh Sees

I'd heard that John Dwyer was relocating to LA, but hadn't even considered that this might lead Thee Oh Sees to go on an indefinite hiatus. The SF Weekly's Ian Port broke the bad news yesterday, that with Dwyer moving and Brigid Dawson heading to Santa Cruz, the band is planning to take an unknown amount of time off. On one hand, such a break is understandable and more than well earned. Few bands have burned as brightly as this quartet, who relentlessly toured the planet and released a slew of great records in recent years. But it's undeniably a [...]

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Art & Technology, Part I: The state of the Bay Area from the musician’s perspective

San Francisco (Photo: Samuel Wantman/Wikimedia Commons) The ongoing technology takeover and subsequent affordability crisis in San Francisco has saturated recent conversation here in the Bay Area. As the social, economical, and cultural landscapes continue to shift with no signs of slowing down, the dialogue has become muddled with brash accusations and blind finger pointing, and the fighting has gotten ugly on both sides. I spoke with 16 Bay Area artists - Pat McDonald, Pat Thomas, and Alex Fleshman of Cool Ghouls; Mark Tester of Burnt Ones; Matthew Melton of Warm Soda, Jeff Lewis and Elliott Kiger of The Spyrals; [...]

Mixtape: Thirteen Bay Area Highlights from 2013 (Podcast #322)

http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/2013_Highlights_Mix.mp3 Download: Mixtape: Thirteen Bay Area Highlights from 2013 (Podcast #322) As usual, our year-end wrap-up podcast comes leaden with hemming, hawing and caveats aplenty. How can another wide-ranging year full of impressive Bay Area releases be distilled down to a coherent list of "best" works? The obvious answer is that it can't. Ultimately, this podcast collects thirteen bands that had impressive 2013s, including a number of groups that won't be a surprise to attendees of Bay Bridged events or close followers of the blog. 2013 was once again banner year for local garage rock, with another stellar album from [...]

Review & Photos: Thee Oh Sees answer our prayers @ The Chapel, 10/10/13

San Francisco's royal family, Thee Oh Sees, are setting out on a month long US tour with Austin psychopaths OBN III's and Minneapolis lunatics The Blind Shake. The circus began with a sold-out, three-night takeover at The Chapel. SF should be naming a fucking street after Thee Oh Sees. Maybe we can evict some of the bullshit gentrified establishments on Valencia and rename it Oh Sees Alley? In the meantime, you can get Thee FFuzz Warr Overload pedal from Death By Audio. Petey Thee Oh Sees are permanently on fire. They never let you down, and the amount of sweat [...]

Thee Oh Sees taking up residence at The Chapel tonight and tomorrow

Thee Oh Sees have returned home to San Francisco once (or rather, three times) again for a short residency at The Chapel in the Mission this weekend (and last night). The garage-tinged rock group have blown up locally, especially following the release of this year’s Floating Coffin — and if their raging set at our own Phono Del Sol is any indication to, they are not to be missed. If you live in the Bay Area and have yet to catch the prexies of psych-punk live and in action, this is your chance. Need proof? Check them out at this [...]

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