Theaux Elliot drops new single, “Big Finesse

After sharing singles “CANTKEEPUP” and “Boomin’” (the latter which we didn’t cover but is worth the listen), Theaux Elliot is on our watchlist for 2020. And he’s back again with “Big Finesse”, another offering from his stockpile of larger than life sounds. A flute sample straight out of Shaolin mellows out an otherwise sinister trap beat, shaping “Big Finesse” into the perfect, ominous vessel for rappers Baineco and Lord Morgan to carry out the plot twist.

Premiere: Theaux Elliot, “CANTKEEPUP” feat. Jayem + Mayila

Elliot Slamet refuses to be boxed in. We’ve covered Slamet’s work on this blog before as EyyELL, one-half of Lord Morgan, but now the San Jose producer is starting to come into his own as an independent artist. Under the moniker Theaux Elliot (pronounced Theo ehhL-yuht), Slamet is slowly inching his way into songwriter territory — armed with the musical chops to not just produce, Theaux is also capable of molding sound into genre-crossing, fully realized songs that can only happen with a curious, but well-trained and tasteful ear. And a prime example of this new Theaux is his latest [...]

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