The Well Known Strangers turn the tide of uncertainty

(photo: Penni Gladstone) Words by Carolyn McCoy By now the story is commonplace: That of how our lives stopped, changed course, and went off on the wackiest path imaginable. One year later, many folks continue to do what they can to create normalcy in the face of complete uncertainty. For Bay Area band The Well Known Strangers — drummer Mick Hellman, singer Amber Morris, keys player Austin DeLone, guitarists Rob Anderson & David Noble, and bassist Joshua Zucker — this scenario began to play out with the recording of their five-song EP release, King Tide, last year. “Just days before [...]

Review + Photos: The Well Known Strangers at the Sweetwater Music Hall

The Well Known Strangers (photo: Carolyn McCoy) Words by Carolyn McCoy Bay Area country-soul band The Well Known Strangers started their journey with jam sessions between random musicians. Soon after it became a fun project for drummer Mick Hellman (yes, of the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Hellman’s) and his daughter Olivia Hellman to showcase their songwriting and talents, as the family comes from a long legacy of musicians and songwriters, so it’s not surprising almost every Hellman has some sort of superb musical talent. Things grew from there, the songs started to pour forth and the band gathered some of the Bay [...]

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