Premiere: The Tet Holiday takes a humorous jab at tech culture with “Statues” video

"Look, our social media presence is garbage; we need to start being more relateable, and we need to start engaging with influencers," says a tech bro caricature as a band sits busking on a San Francisco sidewalk. That band is Oakland's The Tet Holiday, and in their new video for single "Statues," they're faced with a dilemma when opportunity strikes in the form of a $100 thrown in their guitar case, from said tech bro: Why shouldn't they try their hand at being more like him? With the bombastically catchy song as the soundtrack, the video follows them in their hilarious search [...]

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Exclusive stream: The Tet Holiday debut’s album, ‘Statues’

In the spurs of preparing to completely get their debut full length out there, The Tet Holiday was nice enough to share the release, titled "Statues," with The Bay Bridged for an early exclusive stream. The album is a combination of all the best aspects of indie and alternative music: A frontman that can land the lyrics not only in a way that is notable and different, but also in a manner that pushes the song forward melodically; a rhythm section that is simple and concise, but driving and straightforward; and a group of lyrics that focus around transformation, adaptation and the post-break-up [...]

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Catching up with The Tet Holiday

Oakland band The Tet Holiday recently played at Bottom of the Hill with their new drummer Brandon Farmer, and they rocked it. If you don't know their music, check out their recently released lyric video for their song "Make-Believer": They're a guitar-bass-drums trio, with influences from pop, shoegaze, and indie. I can hear some Jesus and Mary Chain, some Replacements, some Japandroids in there. I got to speak with songwriter Andrew Ledford about their sound. The Bay Bridged:  Tell me how you would want to communicate what your music is, and how you think it will be best presented to people. Andrew Ledford: My [...]

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The Tet Holiday drops lyric video for “By the Throat, By the Heart”

Oakland rockers The Tet Holiday have been in the trenches of recording for a long time now, and they're finally giving the public a peek at what they've been working on.  This week, the band released a lyric video for "By the Throat, By the Heart," the first single from their upcoming debut full length, Statues, which comes out on September 15th.  In the words of songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist Andrew Ledford: We aren't big fans of the traditional YouTube, Windows Media Player-aesthetic lyrics videos, so we attempted to do something more interesting to us in collaboration with our friend [...]

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Of Bands and Baseball: Bay Area bands talk local teams (Oakland edition)

The Bay Area sometimes seems an odd place for baseball to have taken root. (Hear me out.) While I'm by no means an authority on the subject (my first and last brush with baseball came at age 8, when I took a softball to the face during community league practice), I think I know why San Francisco strikes some as a strange baseball town: More than most other major-league sports in America, baseball conjures up some serious nostalgia: Creaky municipal stadium seats. Playing catch in the backyard. The Sandlot, “Casey at the Bat,” the long summer evenings of your adolescence. [...]

Free tonight in Oakland: Terry Malts, Kids on a Crime Spree, The Tet Holiday, Manatee

It's Slumberland Records night at The Uptown tonight, with Terry Malts, Kids On A Crime Spree, The Tet Holiday, and Manatee playing a FREE show. Seriously, check this one out. Terry Malts and Kids on a Crime Spree both recently put out sharp debuts for the label, and it's Manatee's first show (the band put out a 7" on Slumberland last year). Kids on a Crime Spree - "Sweet Tooth" Manatee - "Indecision" Check out a recent live video of Terry Malts below:

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