The Spyrals and Union Pacific take the Knockout

After heading south to play this weekend's LA Psych Fest, where they'll be topping a stacked lineup at the Bootleg Theater with the likes of Rose Windows, Kikagaku Moyo and Jeffertitti's Nile, The Spyrals will be bringing their tripped-out tunes to The Knockout on Tuesday, May 13. Joining the band will be San Francisco's own Union Pacific, who are still riding high on the Lolipop train since the March release of their debut EP, as well as Portland's shoegazing outfit Is/Is. Featuring three trios, each with a distinct sonic aesthetic--the sand surf of Union Pacific, the liquid psych of Is/Is and The Spyrals's signature rock and roll--the show is certain to be a guitar-driven evening [...]

Cool Ghouls / Cellar Doors final residency show

After hosting three stellar shows over the course of as many weeks, Cool Ghouls and Cellar Doors are ready to close out their March residency at Amnesia, and they've saved the best lineup for last. If two of the Bay Area's garage psych torch bearers were not enough to get you to come out on a Tuesday night, the grande finale will push you over the edge. Rounding out a lineup tomorrow, March 25, is another one of San Francisco's premier outfits, The Spyrals. These three bands together makes for a knockout show that no local music fan should pass [...]

The Spyrals, The Cairo Gang, Tomorrows Tulips, The She’s play The Night Light

San Francisco based garage rock band The Spyrals will be playing  February 5 at The Night Light in Oakland with experimental rock group The Cairo Gang, garage get-up Tomorrows Tulips, and surf-poppers group The She's. The Spyrals just went back into the studio this past fall to record the follow up to their June 2013 release Out Of Sight; that album's title track was recently given a shout out from DJ Al Lover, who named it one of his favorite tracks from 2013. The band, which has been playing numerous dates around the area lately, is lo-fi and electrifying. OUT OF SIGHT by The Spyrals Chicago's The Cairo [...]

Art & Technology, Part II: Opportunities, Challenges, and Moving Forward

San Francisco (Photo: Wikimedia Commons) In Part I of Art & Technology, I spoke with the 16 musicians to uncover how musicians are experiencing and how they perceive the current state of the Bay Area. Based on the direction I assumed the interviews would go, the initial title of "Art & Technology" was "Art versus Technology", and it was supposed to be a single piece. However, as I spoke with each artist, the conversation evolved into one that placed those in the realms of art and technology next to each other, instead of head-to-head in competition. Based on my conversations with Mark Tester [...]

Art & Technology, Part I: The state of the Bay Area from the musician’s perspective

San Francisco (Photo: Samuel Wantman/Wikimedia Commons) The ongoing technology takeover and subsequent affordability crisis in San Francisco has saturated recent conversation here in the Bay Area. As the social, economical, and cultural landscapes continue to shift with no signs of slowing down, the dialogue has become muddled with brash accusations and blind finger pointing, and the fighting has gotten ugly on both sides. I spoke with 16 Bay Area artists - Pat McDonald, Pat Thomas, and Alex Fleshman of Cool Ghouls; Mark Tester of Burnt Ones; Matthew Melton of Warm Soda, Jeff Lewis and Elliott Kiger of The Spyrals; [...]

Video: The Spyrals – "Out of Sight," announce Northwest tour dates

The Spyrals just released a music video for "Out of Sight," the title track off of their latest LP, and like the two minute and fifty-second song, its a raw aesthetic approach that encapsulates the band's distinctive style and where it lands on the broad spectrum of "psych" music. It's captivating but not disorienting, stripped down to the necessities but far from boring. The band plugs into the sand, black and white shots battle it out with highly saturated ones, clips of tilt-shifted waves roll in and out in reverse--it's built with subtle bricks that aren't trippy in a kaleidoscopic, hallucinogenic sense, [...]

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Interview: Jeff Lewis on tightening up The Spyrals

A year and a half after dropping their reverb-doused debut album, the San Francisco-based rock and rollers of  The Spyrals are ready to release their sophomore LP, Out of Sight, and this time around, they did things a little differently. While the first album was made over the course of a longer recording process, resulting in an steady, expansive record, the band has moved away from its familiar drawn-out style and into a realm of more compact compositions. Lead vocalist and guitarist Jeff Lewis explains, "Once we started recording this new album we wanted it to be more direct. There's still a couple longish songs but most [...]

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Live This Month: June 2013 — an audio guide through SF concerts this month (Podcast #307)

Live This Month: June 2013 — an audio guide through SF concerts this month (Podcast #307) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. A whole slew of great Bay Area bands are celebrating the release of new albums this month, and we've included songs from a number of them in this episode. As we say in the show, The Mantles have long been one of our favorite local bands, and early cuts from Long Enough To Leave indicate it's another winner from [...]

The Spyrals premiere "Out of Sight," the title track off of their upcoming LP

The Spyrals just dropped a killer single in the form of "Out of Sight," the title track off of their upcoming sophomore LP. The song opens with a familiar reverberating intro, offering the sinister psych sounds we've grown accustomed to hearing from the band, but as soon as the first guitar riff enters, the evolution of The Spyrals' sound is immediately evident. This time, the composition is tightened up into just under 3 minutes, making it shorter than all but one of the tracks on the band's eponymous debut. It's faster, janglier and confident ("We don't ever want to be like [...]

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Fuzz playing Rickshaw Stop tonight, 4/24/13

Photo: Denee Patrecek Fuzz – the nacent trio featuring Ty Segall (drums, vocals) and his former Epsilons bandmates Charles Mootheart (guitar) and Roland Cosio (bass) – is playing yet another Bay Area gig tonight, as they continue to gain momentum just a few short months after their first release, January's “This Time I Got a Reason” b/w “Fuzz’s Fourth Dream” 7-inch. This time, these purveyors of sludgy, fuzzed out psychedelic blues metal are coming to Rickshaw Stop, supported by Wooden Indian Burial Ground, The Spyrals, and Mane. Last week, Segall and company put out a second 7-inch, "Sleigh Ride" b/w [...]

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