Review + Photos: The SoundFest 2019 Festival at 19 Broadway

Milk For The Angry (photo: William Wayland) On the scale of fests, The SoundFest was tiny...but on the scale of authenticity and awesomeness it was right up there at the top. Organized by the Crooked Stuff front man, Tom Gorton, and hosted by 19 Broadway in Fairfax, The SoundFest brought together an eclectic mix of mostly Bay Area bands for three nights of rhythm & blues, grunge, funk, jazz, rock, psychedelia, and polka. Bands included Denver-based DJ Williams’ Shots Fired, Tommy Guerrero, and Amendola Vs. Blades,  PSDSP and The Crooked Stuff, Angelex, Kehoe International, and Atta Kid, Sydney Ranee’, Milk For The Angry, and Extra [...]

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