Members of the Silhouette Era organize RGB Music and Arts Festival

Words by Juli Fraga As musicians in a local band, the Silhouette Era, San Francisco State students Sean Thompson and Carlos González have already recorded an EP and toured together. While they may have more professional music experience than many students, they’re honing their entrepreneurial skills by planning the RGB Arts and Music Festival for the Bay Area community. "RGB" stands for "red, green, and blue," which are three colors in the visual color spectrum. When combined, they make new hues. “We think RGB represents the collaborative spirit of the festival,” says SF State senior and festival organizer, Thompson. Meant [...]

The Silhouette Era premieres new single “Jaded Summer”

Photo by Julio Marcial The Silhouette Era have a big week ahead of them beginning with today’s premiere of "Jaded Summer," just a few days before the release of their self-titled EP on June 22. The San Francisco-based band's garage rock and surf rock sounds wouldn't feel out-of-place alongside other California bands like FIDLAR and Wavves. The Silhouette Era's tunes seem fitting for the upcoming summer season, and they will be playing two upcoming shows, at East Village Coffee Lounge in Monterey on June 23, and at Neck of the Woods on July 6. That latter show also [...]

The Silhouette Era’s new EP delivers nostalgia with a kick of adrenaline

With a new self-titled EP out on June 22 and some upcoming shows spread across the length of California, the four members of The Silhouette Era are poised for a busy summer. The band established themselves with 2015’s Beacons, and couple of (quite strong) singles followed in 2016, but The Silhouette Era EP is their first release since then. Their Monterey origins are reflected in Beacons’ air of seaside heartache — its wistful melodies are unrushed and affecting. The Silhouette Era preserved a slice of California nostalgia with that album: It’s a lovely snapshot of just a few years ago, [...]

The Bay Abridged: Sept 13 – Sept 21

In this recurring feature known as The Bay Abridged, our staff writers will provide short, witty recaps on shows they attended around the Bay Area. A scene check, a heat check, and sometimes more — stop by every Wednesday for the most comprehensive and concise recap of last week's Bay Area concert scene. Zedd at The Bill Graham Civic AuditoriumThe Gathering of the Tribes with The Gentle Cycle, Buzzmutt, The Spiral Electric and more at Public Works (SF) Sept. 13. More than anything, I think it’s embarrassing to say that I had yet to venture out to Public Works - [...]

Charting San Francisco summers – The Silhouette Era’s ‘Beacons’

It's the time of year where most of our "favorite new music" is poppy, bubbly and a seemingly fitting soundtrack to the warm days that come along with summer. Sunshine pop, driving anthems, the whole nine yards (or so), are filled to the brim with new tracks that are feel-good and as bright as the days that come along with this season. In the midst of all that, The Silhouette Era has given summer releases a new meaning with their full length album Beacons. The 10-track release is meddled with "dream wave", pop elements and gives you a nostalgic, effervescent feeling. However, [...]

Mixtape: San Francisco Songs for Summer Download: Mixtape: San Francisco Summer Songs (Podcast #365) Even though San Francisco's summers get an unfairly bad rap, that doesn't prevent us locals from enjoying many of the best parts of the season. Days at the beach, barbecues, road trips, street fairs and festivals: sure, you might need to carry a light sweater on some of your summer excursions, but the long days can't be beat for outdoor fun. With the solstice kicking off summer earlier this week, we've compiled this mixtape of songs for the season, collecting new and recent releases by San Francisco Bay Area bands that [...]

The Silhouette Era release new single, “Devotion” (playing El Rio tonight)

Local dream wave act The Silhouette Era is coming off of a spurring start to the new year. With the success of a a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of vinyl for their upcoming album Beacons, to the release of their new music video for their just released single, "Devotion." "Devotion" is a mix of elegant church organs, dreamy guitar riffs and charming vocals. Lead singer Carlos J Gonzalez mixes together feelings of loss and heartbreak flawlessly, and melts them into an otherworldly background of synths and melodies. The track is the perfect of example of what it feels like to dance [...]

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