The Come Up hosts a San Jose-focused livestream this Thursday

The Come Up is getting in on the livestreaming action: This Thursday, January 28, they're hosting a Twitch-streamed show called Soundscaping, in conjunction with SJMADE, another San Jose-based creative collective. Starring a top-notch cast of SJ talent, the night features acts like Joy Hackett, planttvibes, and William Corduroy. They recorded the performances last week at the San Jose Museum of Art — another casualty of COVID shutdowns — so you'll also get a peek at some of the installations and exhibits there. Take a listen to Joy Hackett's SoFA Fest stream to get a feel for what you're in for [...]

Get spooky at the Flea with Kiva Uhuru, Swells and the Lunatics and more

I know some people who start their Halloween plans on November 1 of the previous year, so it's very likely that, if you're one of those folks, you already have your tickets to any of the various tribute shows happening around the Bay this week and next. But maybe you're like me, and you're kind of a Halloween Grinch — you like the idea of it, and you certainly like being all, "Oh, look at that, I simply must go to Safeway today" the day after so you can buy a bunch of discount candy, but you find Netflix and [...]

Why diversity — especially gender diversity — in your local scene matters

(illustration: Isaiah Wilson) Words by The San Jose Come Up The Come Up strives to ensure that we have a diverse array of artists actively participating in our shows. But we believe it’s not just a good thing to aim for, it is necessary to the lifeblood of the DIY scene. 1. Scenes can’t grow without everyone involved. Most of the time, if you put on shows, you are going to reach out to friends because you know them and you probably lack the funds to pay them. That’s not a bad thing. DIY shows are about using resources at [...]

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