Turn Up the Bay, Episode 1: Sam Chase writes a rock opera

(illustration: Rob Goodman) Remember two weeks ago, when we debuted Awkward Convos with Beejus? That was fun, wasn't it? Well, we've got one more surprise for you... Returning to our podcast roots, we're heading up a special spotlight series called Turn Up the Bay, which highlights local artists doing exciting, innovative, or just plain weird work here in the Bay Area. Case in point: Longtime local Sam Chase, who, at the end of this month, is debuting...wait for it...a full-on rock opera, The Last Rites of Dallas Pistol. But...why? What would compel someone, in this economy, to devote themselves to [...]

Review + Photos: The Sam Chase and the Untraditional at the Mystic Theater

Sam Chase & The Untraditional (photo: Carolyn McCoy) Words by Carolyn McCoy If I had a smaller word limit for my reviews, I’d have to choose five adjectives that describe SF troubadour-rockers The Sam Chase and the Untraditional wisely. The words I would choose would be “hypnotic,” “mesmerizing,” “joyful,” “hilarious”...and then the acronym “OMFG!” Luckily I’m able to say more than five words, and because the Sam Chase deserves so many more. If it’s possible to fall in love with an entire band, I think that just happened to me. Petaluma’s Mystic Theater was ground zero for my newfound obsession with the [...]

Giveaway: The Sam Chase at The Chapel

Sam Chase and his merry band of noisemakers are homebound after a string of shows up the West Coast. The raspy troubadour will be gathering all ye heathens to The Chapel for a hearty dose of folk rock. Chase unveiled the third record in his catalog last year and graciously provided all of you unfamiliar with a steady stream of videos to get you in the know. Take a listen to "I've Got Problems" and "Ground Shakin'" to get the full spectrum of where Great White Noise takes you. M. Lockwood Porter will break in the stage beforehand. Also boasting [...]

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