The Rum Diary is playing a reunion show, and they want you to pick the set list

The NorCal rhythm is gonna get you! That's right, the Cotati Sound Machine is back. Sort of. The Rum Diary are playing a reunion show at this year's C.A.M.P. festival. Let all who have missed the ethereal indie rock sounds of the Cotati-based band rejoice. The coolest part is that if you've been dying inside every day since the band broke up in 2007 because you never got to hear your favorite Rum Diary song played live, this is your chance. They're leaving the set list up to you: go fill out this survey and tell them what songs you [...]

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The Rum Diary – Retrospective 2000-2007 The Rum Diary - "Pyrrhic Victory" (from Retrospective 2000 - 2007) Parks and Records recently announced the upcoming release of Retrospective 2000 - 2007, which collects a variety of favorite and unreleased tracks from the much-loved, now-disbanded The Rum Diary. Says the label: Nobody ever expected a lightning strike of muse-tapped creative genius of such epic proportions as this to touch down in a NoCal cowtown with more taverns than stoplights. Yet the four university students, whose innocuous latenight postpub jam session would result in a band like no other anytime anyplace before, tapped said aforementioned muse [...]

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