The Pleasure Routine release psychedelic single “Walk the Dog (Backwards)”

The Pleasure Routine's pleasingly full sound isn't accidental: It's made by a band of six people. Based in Oakland, the sextet has rocked its way through the Bay with only one single under its belt. But That's all changing: They're releasing their debut LP Sugar Mountain very soon and from it, they've released their second single "Walk the Dog (Backwards)." Spoiler alert: It's a doozy. Wonderfully idiosyncratic, the rock 'n' raw they make hearkens back to that classic rock sound with a piano/guitar backbone, but wonky electric solos and raw vocals add a layer of sonic entropy to the mix. At the [...]

The Bay Bridged Presents: Luke Sweeney at El Rio this Saturday

Another Saturday night is quickly approaching — where will you be? Celebrating the seventh night of Hanukkah? Spending an evening bundled under the covers because you're too cold to move? If you're still in need of some plans, we at the Bay Bridged have got you covered again. We're presenting Luke Sweeney and a couple other great local bands this Saturday at El Rio, and you're invited! Local rock 'n' roll favorite Luke Sweeney has spent the majority of late 2015 touring up and down the coast and, more recently, all around the Bay. Fittingly, he's closing out the year with his [...]

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