The Parmesans to play final show at The Riptide Saturday

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Yesterday, The Parmesans announced the end of their three-year run on their facebook page. Throughout their tenure, The Parmesans played a catchy, light-hearted brand of folk that was so refreshing in a genre (and city) that can at times be afraid to laugh at itself. Over time, they developed into a formidable live force with impressive picking, harmonies, and melodies. They released five albums and a host of videos over their short life, and actually were in the studio recording their sixth this past weekend before they dropped the sad news [...]

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The Parmesans release “Flat Baroque”

While their name may imply something totally goofy (and their history of non-sequitir album titles like "Wolf Eggs and "Nature's Burrito" doesn't help), The Parmesans are actually delicate, articulated folk with only the slightest hint of silliness. On September 30th, the band will release their 7th record, Flat Baroque. Recorded at Tiny Telephone, the entire record is made up of songs done in a single take—pretty neat. Pre-orders of Flat Baroque come with two instant downloads, "Call Me When You're There" and "Vacation Song." The rest of the record comes the day of release. Check out the teaser tracks below. [...]

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Interview/Album Premiere: The Parmesans – ‘Nature’s Burrito’

We've written about The Parmesans a great deal since their formation less than two years ago, and with good reason. The trio features some of the cheesiest goofballs around (as they would be the first to admit), yet their tight harmonies, pickin' skills, and ability to craft great melodies that you'll hum in your sleep force you to take them seriously as musicians. They're constantly gigging, and if they don't make you grin at least once at one of their shows, you're probably just incapable of enjoying life. And with every release and show, they seem to get better. Today, [...]

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Video: The Parmesans – “Sweet Plete Neat Pete”

Late last month, Bay Area folksters The Parmesans released a video for "Sweet Plete Neat Pete", the first single off their forthcoming Nature's Burrito EP. The track highlights The Parmesans' strengths: tight harmonies (which offer a hint to the odd song title, in this case), catchy melodies, and a bit of endearing goofyness in their lyrics. I recently caught The Parmesans play a show without mics, and the past year of relentless gigging and recording has allowed them to truly hone their sound - they have great chemistry, they swap instruments throughout the set, and their talent on display reminds [...]

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Video Premiere & Giveaway: Big Tree – "Like a Fool"

Berkeley quintet Big Tree has continuously released great folk-influenced pop music since they moved to the Bay in 2012, and today we're happy to share with you their new video for the track "Like a Fool." In a move that almost seems like an homage to the past, Big Tree is actually shown performing the song in the video. Through the video's simple premise, the tight shots of the band are a way to kind of get to know the members of Big Tree a little better. The group had a busy 2013, highlighted by the release of their My, [...]

Video: The Parmesans – "JuJaJe"

The Parmesans just released a video for the track "JuJaJe", off their Wolf Eggs LP, and in typical Parmesans fashion, it's a good time. Mandolin player Brendan Welch told me they were going for an "old school PBS vibe" for the track, which shooting in 4:3 in a bare studio helped them to achieve. When asked what "JuJaJe" meant, Welch joked, "It's made up nonsense but seems like it could be French." I suggest you embrace the nonsense and goofiness and lose yourself in the sing-along harmonies that this band does so well. This weekend, you can see The Parmesans [...]

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Parmesans release 'Wolf Eggs' LP

The Parmesans have been fairly quiet this year since releasing four EPs over six months at the end of the 2012. It turns out they're ready to break their silence with the release of their debut LP Wolf Eggs this week. The 16-track album continues to showcase the band's talent for creating tight, catchy harmonies while avoiding the annoying seriousness that often plagues folk bands today. Wolf Eggs is available now as a free digital download on Bandcamp, while physical copies will be given to everyone who attends their August 23 release show at Thee Parkside. You can stream Wolf [...]

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Parmesans release two-track tour footage video, playing full slate of shows around California

Bay Area folk and bluegrass band The Parmesans just released a seven-minute video featuring gobs of footage from their first tour of California. They had so much footage, in fact, that the video spans two songs from their January 2013 EP The Smell of Silence – "See for Yourself" and "Spicy Cigarette". Watch the video (which was shot and edited by Ben V. Ho) below. Apparently the tour was a success, because the band is heading down the coast and back yet again, and if you live anywhere from Marin County to the Mexican border, they're probably playing in your [...]

Guitar Wizards of the Future – "There's a Monster (under the bed)" / "Skyscraper"

Oakland's Guitar Wizards of the Future are a band that absolutely won't be be defined by ANY genre. You'll hear elements of hip-hop, funk, country, R&B, electronica and just about anything else over the course of their recordings. Formed by Coty McClung and Ryan Kauffman, the Guitar Wizards intentionally hit as many genres as they can. "I have a short attention span, so I could never stick to one style," explains McClung. "There's too many awesome styles of music out there. Any constraints on form seem like a bad idea." Legendary genre-hopping duo Ween was also a big influence: "A [...]

The Parmesans release "The Smell of Silence" EP, set to embark on California tour with stop in Oakland, 1/24/13

Bay Area folk & bluegrass band The Parmesans continued their steady stream of releases by dropping The Smell of Silence this week, their third EP in a little over six months. The Parmesans might not stick to traditional, rigid bluegrass, but they can craft a damn fine melody, beautiful harmonies, and sound like they have have a hell of a lot of fun in the process. I know I have plenty of fun listening, at least. The band is now writing material for a new LP that they expect to release in the spring, and will be touring California starting [...]

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